Are you happy with your Xbox? Next gen consoles question.

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#51 Posted by ZombieKiller7 (6218 posts) -

I have been happy with it for the most part, but lately pretty annoyed with it.

The library is excellent and I have a huge backlog.

XBL fee irritates the hell out of me, especially since they're not offering exclusives or pushing development beyond Kinect. $50/year for ads and yearly Halo/Gears rehash. They will have to do better than that to keep me.

I will not buy any console "first day" until I evaluate what it offers.

#52 Posted by Megavideogamer (5668 posts) -

Yes I am happy with my Xbox (es). I have 2 Xbox 360 consoles. The limited edition Gears of War 320 GB Xbox 360 S console. In addition to the model 1 20GB Xbox 360 console. Which is the last edition before the Xbox 360 S console Slimlines took over. Finally I have a original Xbox

So yes I am happy with the Xbox brand of consoles. I will be getting the Third version of the Xbox. The Xbox 720 or whatever Microsoft ends up calling the new console. Which should be released this November 2013. Just a the original Xbox and Xbox 360 were released in Novembers 2001 and 2005. So November 2013 should be the debut of Xbox 720.

I will be getting the next generation Xbox. So I expect that this will be costing $500.00. So I shall start saving now. This time MS should not have any RROD as they didn't rush this console to market. MS have learned from that expensive lesson.

So I shall buy Xbox 720 at launch.