Anything RPG'ish for Xbox One that is out?

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I own Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4... I lost interest or i beat them so many times that i want something new. (lol i beat Dead Rising 3 about 7 times...its really short and only 2 1/2 hrs if you speedrun.)

I was interested in AC4, but im not too sure (i thought AC3 was a disappointment).

Also what RPG's are you guys waiting for?

For me:

1. The Division, 2. Witcher 3, 3. Metal Gear Solid V (open world), 4. Dying Light.

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Neither system has any RPG's, wish they did for the holiday season

Metal Gear isn't an RPG

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@Jaysonguy: MGSV: TPP will somewhat be an RPG with the dynamic interaction with the open world, but i know the other MGS games are no where near such a genre.

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I have not played AC3 but I am really enjoying AC4... the new setting really does something for it! and sailing as a pirate is always cool... and there are plenty of things to do through out the large world. and it looks great on the x1!

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Yep. My money's on AC4, it's what you're after.

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The Witcher 3 looks like it'll be a good RPG, and quite similar to Skyrim, but I havent played the first two!

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ACIV is the best Assassin's Creed game since ACII (in my opinion), so I would recommend it.

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@GuitarSmash: There are only a few RPG I'm waiting for. The Witcher 3, Kingdom Heart 3 & FFXV. I might end up getting these on the PS4 however. Haven't completely decided yet.

The Division & Dying Light are RPG's.

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nothing good right now . Witcher 3 and Fable Legends will come this year . but i can't wait for witcher 3 . it just looks amazing

and little bit later ( 2015 maybe ) we'll have Cyberpunk 2077 , Mass Effect and Deus ex . all three are futuristic cyber RPGs . i'll get all three of them :D

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AC4 is really good with the expansive world to explore, the crafting and hunting systems and the shipping battling and upgrading you could almost call it an RPG.

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Sorry if I sound like a wise guy...but why not try Forza 5? It is the RPG of racing games...but instead of leveling up a have multiple cars to level up. It is the best launch game on any next gen console (outside of Mario 3d World...or whatever it's called)