Anyone tried the Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z demo?

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#1 Posted by Dannystaples14 (1350 posts) -

I played it on Vita but I'll presume Xbox and PS3 have one as well? If so what did you think?

You feel the game will have much longevity outside of beating the crap out of the traditional DBZ enemies or what? Just so you know the graphics on the Vita version are epic. The controls are tight and fast as well.

#2 Posted by Evdne971 (296 posts) -

Haven't played those Z games in a while.

If they aren't on Xbox or PS, it'll probly be a while

#3 Posted by GuitarSmash (274 posts) -

@Dannystaples14: I doubt it, it was a generic DBZ game to me, too clunky and models are stiff and the graphics are horrid(regardless of the art style).

#4 Posted by Dannystaples14 (1350 posts) -

@GuitarSmash: To be fair I've never really played a DBZ game before. I only tried it because the trailer looked awesome. So I have nothing to compare to. In that regard I wasn't too appalled by what I was seeing. Seemed pretty fun overall. My only sinking feeling was that there was going to be a lack of actual gameplay in the end. I mean I played the demo missions and they seemed a little limited in overall game actions but the fact there were multiple enemies all around and several characters all sharing one map seemed awesome.