Anyone think Gears of War will get the remaster treatment?

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Remasters are a big thing these days and MS owns the GOW franchise now. And they're doing the Master Chief collection, 4 remastered Halo games in one package. Anybody think they'll do the same with Gears 1-Judgement or perhaps just Gears 1-3?

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@Wickerman777: Sure, I can see a GeoW 1-3 Remastered package after Black Tusk finishes their work on their first game which happens to be the new Xbone GeoW game.

I posted in another thread about a potential GeoW Collection and I may as well post it here since this thread was bumped:


It could come out next year, but M$ definitely won't release GeoW 4 and Halo 5 in the same year. So, we have to pick our poison. If the new studio gets GeoW 4 done and ready by next year, then we have to accept that Halo 5 may be releasing in 2016.

Everywhere I read is that Halo 5 is closer to being done, and therefore a 2015 title, which leaves 2016 for GeoW 4. It's about spacing out the sales.

They could try to release something in Spring/Summer, but I fear there isn't enough time to market such a product. The approach Xbox uses is E3 HYPE and build up to Xmas sales. We'll have to see.

A GeoW collection is possible too...but what team would do it? This new team is swamped and busy with their very first game, which happens to be GeoW 4. EPIC is busy with their new IP. While a GeoW collection is a feasible money maker and good way to build momentum for GeoW 4, I fear there isn't a studio able to roll out a product in time for early 2015. They could release a Collection in September 2015 and hold on to Halo 4 for November, but they risk cannibalizing sales. This is a tough nut to crack.

  1. You have to find a talented and competent studio that can do the GeoW online and SP games justice for such a package (343s Halo collection is having issues on this front with bugs)
  2. You have to find the right time to release a GeoW 4/GeoW collection so it doesn't impact Halo 5's sales

Hmmmm. Never say never.

I'd be a buyer at the $20 price point since I played them all, but it certainly would help market GeoW to newcomers.

The problem for Xbox is feasibility to get such a package up and running, as I outlined above.

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I would be nice if they did that. But I don't expect it.

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Sort of like the Halo: Masterchief Collection is coming this Fall to bring people up to speed and bridge the gap to Halo 5, I expect a Gears of War: The "___" Collection to bring people up to speed and bridge the (likely) long gap to a new Gears of War.

Microsoft has to know that this would be a hot seller on Xbox One, and therefore I fully expect it to happen. After all, not only do I expect it would sell very well, but the series is worthy of a remaster for Xbox One. It was, to be sure, one of the very best game series of last generation, played and loved by millions of people. Not bringing it to Xbox One would be a bit of a travesty, and most certainly a missed opportunity.

I know I would be a day one buyer and be more than happy to devote the necessary hours to replaying this great series once again.

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I sure as hell hope so because it's the main reason I own a 360 and a solid reason to finally get the XB1....just as @nyc05 said, it would be a day1 buy for me.

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Id play through gears triology again. Great co-op action. Would like an excuse to replay them with a buddy

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No idea, but I would love to see it.

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I'd buy it... it looked awesome as it did.

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I dont think so because i read some where that not all of the characters are gonna be in the next gears but cole train is returning

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I would be surprised if they didnt.

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I really hope they remake it. Even if it's not the whole trilogy, at least remake the first. GoW1 was the only and main reason I became a Xbox guy. This will be a Day 1 Midnight launch purchase for me, guaranteed.

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I hope not.Getting sick of remastered games coming out.As much as I would love the Halo remastered collection,I don't want to see it on every game franchise.Honestly,what's it going to be like when the next gen consoles come out in 8-10 years from now,nothing but remastered games.Enough already.

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maybe it all depends

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It looked nice but hated how control how you hid behind things.

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I'd love to see this, though I'd have very high expectations if they did it.

  • I'd expect the campaign section to have full remakes of the Gears 1 (including the currently PC exclusive mission) & 2 campaigns as well as Gears 3 and RAAM's Shadow brought up to 1080p.
  • A new multiplayer engine, with EVERY map from all three games (including DLC) remade for it, and all multiplayer characters (including DLC characters and the ones from Judgment) included.
  • Game Modes to be reduced to Warzone, Execution, Annex, Guardian, Horde and Beast (I also wouldn't want it, but I'd tolerate TDM's return)
  • Multiplayer also needs to be CoG vs Locust (shouldn't even need to say this, but after Judgment...)
  • Weapon skins could return, but only if they are included in the package and not sold later, armor skins should not be brought into this.
  • Also, though not part of the main wishlist, I'd be OK if they also added in Judgment's Campaign and Overrun. Also doing that they could also bring in Judgment's multiplayer maps, as long as they where remade to work with traditional Gears multiplayer, rather than Judgment's.
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It would be pretty cool if they did a Gears of War Collection for Xbox One. My guess is if they do, they may redo the visuals of one and two to bring them in line with the technology used in Gears of War 3. All DLC will probably be included (i.e. the expansion packs and map packs) and it will be one of the 1080p at 60 frames per second affairs. I doubt Gears of War Judgement would be included (just like how ODST, Reach, and Halo Wars are not in the Halo Collection) but obviously that could also happen.

If this is done right, maybe with a beta access to Gears of War Xbox One (I.e. the new game being made for the Xbox One) and launches around holiday next year (with the next Gears game launching in the early/mid 2016) then I could see this being something done to bring people back into Gears of War (or bring new people in for those that missed it).

That is how I see it could potentially go down, but obviously I do not know for sure. The more content the better though and as long as it is done at a reasonable price I would be interested.

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Hopefully GOW3 does, love that multiplayer, it would have an increase of popularity again

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Personally, i think gears is dead. It just felt like they were churning it out cor the sake of it. Without thought for a proper grounded story just plugging things out of the air.

They should let it die

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@Wickerman777 said:

Remasters are a big thing these days and MS owns the GOW franchise now. And they're doing the Master Chief collection, 4 remastered Halo games in one package. Anybody think they'll do the same with Gears 1-Judgement or perhaps just Gears 1-3?

If Gears got the "remaster treatment", they would be by far the most gorgeous games this generation would see as they were probably the best looking games last gen. Id love the Gears series to get remastered!!

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@hehe101 said:

Hopefully GOW3 does, love that multiplayer, it would have an increase of popularity again

I was just playing Hord Mode on the Overpass map the other day, Gears 3 never gets old for me!! :)

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If they remade gears 1 2 3 with all the dlc i would pay 60 dollars for it. Im tired of having to use my 360 to play gears. i want it on my xbox one. oh they can forget about remaking judgement the game was waste. thats like bungie remaking halo ODST. LOL

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Does Dolly Parton Sleep on her back ?

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I hope so, that would be an excellent excuse for me to finally get me a X1, and I hope they take their time to remaster them very carefully and not screw it like they did with the MCC.

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There would be a severe Xbox One shortage if they decided to do it, they'd make a crap ton of money even more than Halo 5 probably.

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We will rock you for Halo commercials, We are the champions for Gears commercials.

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Thats a good idea

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I'd love a Gears trilogy since I never played them on 360, just didn't get round to it. If they remaster the single player games to the same standard as Halo MCC I'd buy it day one.

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I hope not. I don't want the xbox brand to be tarnished even more by bugs, and terrible match-making and constant crashing in a Gear's collection like we have for MCC.

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@simuseb2 said:

I hope not. I don't want the xbox brand to be tarnished even more by bugs, and terrible match-making and constant crashing in a Gear's collection like we have for MCC.

it sucks for people who bought MCC for the multiplayer but they seem to be on the case with it. Not ideal I know but at least they're fixing it. I bought it for the single player and love it though I ran into the game save problem twice now. There's no reason to think we'll have a repeat of all this with a Gears collection specially since the media have really laid into 343 over this.

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Wow....didn't think of this. If they DID remaster the Gears of War games I'm sure that the results would be positive. Trying to convince me to buy a Xbox 360 one of my friends brought a 360 to my house and played Gears for me. I was amazed and that became my favorite franchise behind God of War and Street Fighter. Day would be a Day One purchase for me no doubt.

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I so hope they release a Gears of War remastered collection on the Xone.

We just got the Xone, and will be getting a second Xone for the bedroom.

This collection would be one we would definitely invest in. A pre-order copy for each of us as Co-op is one of the whole reasons we are investing in two Xones.

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I hope so, if for nothing else than to play Horde mode with my friends. I also never got to play Judgement but wanted to.