Anyone know if Kinect will have shooting games?

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#1 Posted by gamingboss (170 posts) -
Anyone know if Kinect will have shooting games? Thanks.
#2 Posted by RapidTurtle (342 posts) -

This is one reason why I think Kinect will fail. You really need a button on a controller for a shooting game imo.

#3 Posted by Yagr_Zero (27849 posts) -
There will probably be a couple of shooting games, but so far none have been announced.
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Without a controller a shooting game would just be awful. Seeing as Microsoft is touting it as "controller free gaming" I just can't see a decent shooting game being released. I'm willing to be proven wrong though.
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just look at the games line up Atm it doesnt look to likely we'll see many if any shooter games for kinect. I just dont understand how a developer would be able to make such a thing work ... The same goes for a lot of what many people would call "hardcore" genres. Just looking at the marketing material and the title line up and total lack of input from devs in relation to hardcore games, it looks like kinect is being aimmed directly at the casual games market and thats it. Real gamers are going to have to stick to our trusty control pads I think :)
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I think Kinect will flop for that main reason.. and i can live with that:P

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I do know that the Kinect does have a shooting game, Cabela's big game hunter hunting party. it does have an accessory, a gun controller with sensors in it, to enable accuracy features.