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Problem I have in games instead of finishing them I restart them if I make a mistake. I no there is a rewind feature in Forza 5 but if I make a mistake should I stick by that mistake even if its a crash etc?.

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I would say use the rewind function or do the restarts if you want to. I tend to do it on single player races as I want to win every race possible as to not to need to redo the races again. I would say stick at it, you will learn the tracks and find how to get your car to go with the track (and also find which cars run which best with which tracks).

Hope this helps but do what you feel is best, if you are not having fun then maybe its not the game for you.

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Depends on your play style, every time I use rewind when I crash or spin out I feel dirty and like I've cheated lol. It really wouldn't matter If you use it or not but it's more of a moral thing I'd say, you can either feel like you're cheating to win every race without replaying them, or stick with your mistake and replay the race again so you can win. I choose option A cause I can't be stuffed haha.