24bit,30bit,or 36bit?.

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Hi in the options in the display mine is set to 24 Bit per pixel but there are other options with 30bit and 36 bit. Would it damage my TV if I change it to the others or what is the best option?. My TV is a 32" flat TV Sony KDL-32EX703. Thanks.

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Yeah, your TV will die.

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I'm not 100% sure on this, but I don't think many, or if any HDTV's support anything above 24bits per pixel. I think computer monitor do, though. Again, I'm not totally sure if that is correct.

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@RoslindaleOne: I have my tv set to 36. Not sure I notice much of a difference though. My tv also is a 240hz 55" that has a port to connect a pc. I actually connect my laptop to the tv through hdmi instead.

If your tv supports it, it will work. If it doesn't support it, you'll get a black screen and it'll change back in 15 secs.

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That is what's called deep color, most new hdtvs will support it. But there is no content out There games or bluray that support anything higher then 24bit color. In fact if your tv doesn't support 30/36 bit you could actually lose some picture detail by selecting 30/36bit. It's best to leave it at 24bit because all content produced today is maxed out at 24bit anyhow.

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@gagit811: Yes, exactly.