16 Xbox Predictons for 2014-2017

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Back on Jan 29 2014 IGN made a video about Xbox. The 12 Xbox One Predictions for 2014. ( here is the link http://youtu.be/EQs9qUPSBZ0 ) They made alot good predictions in video ( I hope alot will come true. ) So..After seeing the video. I came up with own Xbox One Predictions for 2014-2017! Yea! Not just for 2014 like IGN did! I have more for Microsoft to do! Let's get going shall we?

1. The Definitive Editions! ( read my past blog on this! )

2. Microsoft will give Square-Enix what they need. To bring Final Fantasy XIV to Xbox One.

3. Microsoft will make its own MMO for Xbox One and PC ( Now. What world it will be based in. Fable, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Gears or War, and Crackdown. would be great picks! )both players will be able to play with each other!

4. Black Tusk Studios's new IP will release after the new Gears game.

5. Banjo 3 will be in the works for both Xbox One and Xbox360.

6. A new Perfect Dark will be one of the games being worked on by Black Tusk studios.

7. A HUGE DLC pack for Forza 5 will come out. IT WILL ONLY HAVE RACE TRACKS IN IT!!

8. Microsoft will send out better software to help developers to make the EsRAM better to use. for better performance.

9. Microsoft will make a deal with Namco. To bring furture Tales of games To Xbox One too.

10. More Free to play games will hit Xbox One.

11. Microsoft will make a deal with Mistwalker to bring games to the Xbox One.

12. Microsoft will make a deal with Crapcom to bring Monster Hunter Frontier G to Xbox One ( and bring it to the U.S. )

13. Microsoft will take a page outta Nintendo's play book. To invest more into all its own IPs. ( Not just: Halo, Forza, Gears, and Fable )

14. A new Joy Ride & World of Keflings will be in the works!

15. Tao Feng characters comes to Killer Instinct!

16. Microsoft makes a disc based Killer Instinct that runs at 1080p/60FPS

Well. thats all I have on my mind ( for now! ) It will be great to see if any of these Predictions becomes true. I know. Sony fanboys will come and HATE on this blog ( Just like they HATE on anything positive about Microsoft/Xbox ) HARDCORE! They just got nothing to play! LOL!!

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A new Banjo won't be on the 360. We already know one studio has many as 4 free to play games on the way. Forza Horizon 2 will be released this year. I would be very surprised if the MS MMO isn't Fable.

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TimeSplitters 4 will be announced this year and released Q4 2015, it will be multi-plaform and each system get's their exclusive 5 characters, Xbox One version will get Marcus Fenix, Master Chief, Titan (From TitanFall) and two other ones.

Shenmue 3 will announced next month with a teaser trailer showing a country side then it will zoom into Ryu running into the city. E3 will show the full trailer and the release will be 2016

1v100 successor will be revealed during E3 2014

E3 2014 will reveal a new cloud functionality for Xbox One, it could be a virtual world like Home (PS3) or something related to MMO or something completely new.

Windows 9 will be announced sometime this year and the Xbox One OS will get an upgrade to Windows 9 in 2015.

Resident Evil 7 will be announced this E3 and the Xbox One version will have exclusive characters and weapons.

Steam like Sales (PC) will hit Xbox One by the end of the year, the first big sale will be just before Halloween 2014, it will be a horror related sale and most games will be 20-50% off for 1 day or some can last for a week.

Microsoft will announce something in E3 that will make Xbox One talk to Windows 7-9 PC, Steam App may be announce so some steam games will work with the Xbox One, Microsoft would soon allow keyboard and mouse compatibility

and the best new predictions is..

Microsoft will bring out a brand new device will have mini-chip architecture of the original Xbox and Xbox 360 and it will be similar size to a Apple TV, it will have 2 HDMI ports, USB 3.0 ports and some more inputs, you plug this device into any USB 3.0 and it will automatically install a brand new apps called 'Xbox Retro' and 'Xbox DreamCloud' this device will offer 100% full compatibility with every single Xbox 1 and Xbox 360 games out there, Microsoft will bring out a new server for Xbox 1 and Xbox 360 games to revive some old games.

The device will also enable true streaming to external devices similar to Playstation Go but with more things you can do. Microsoft will also bring out some new peripherals as while at the time, there will be some new controller types like keyboard support, the xbox one will support the oculus rift and microsoft will bring out their own VR headwear too. One of the interesting things about this device is that you can get a wireless usb stick transmitter and plug it in any modern tv, bluray or even PC and the Xbox One can be streamed across any plugged in device with 0 lag

Xbox Retro will have Xbox OG and Xbox 360 support and downloadable games will be available, another great thing is that people will also get hands on with the new Xbox Game Developer Kit and create their own indie and free to play games and publish them with no cost.

DreamCloud is the next-gen cloud service app that will have new features that will make gaming a lot more next-gen, it will offer streaming-free service, Windows features like bringing Windows Desktop to Xbox One and best of all it will increase the power of the console by a milestone, the hardware for xbox one is less important in this new generation of cloud as the cloud processing will increase the hardware capability by 10 times, as the cloud becomes more and more powerful the software for xbox one will soon be updated and you will begin to notice a big improvement with newer games and even old games, say bye to framerates and stupid lag.

There's a lot of ideas out there for Microsoft to bring out but when you very deep in it's hard to think what they could actually do to improve even further, here's hoping that the future will be great and exciting for all of us.

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I'd love a kameo 2 and max payne 4

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My predictions; HYPE, HYPE, HYPE!

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Better Games With Gold please.

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brute forcce 2 jade empire 2 conker next half life 3 doom4 panzer dragoon rpg shenmue 3 legasy of kain blood omen next redemption 2 fallout 4 BC gears 4 lost odyssey 2 blue dragoon 2 tales games last story 2 alan wake 2 max payne 4

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1. Not sure what that means and I'm not reading your blog.

2. FF XV is already coming to the XB1 and PS4. That was announced at the E3 back in June 2013. How did you miss that announcement? Kingdom Heart 3 is also coming to XB1.

3. Well, the Xbox 360 already has several MMO's (Ascend: Hand of Kul & Happy Wars) published by Microsoft, so it's safe to say we will probably see one on the XB1 before 2017.

4. Yes, that's a given though. Phil Spencer already said Black Tusk is working on Gears first and the other new IP they were working on has been put on the back burner. Black Tusk has a couple other games in the pipeline, but they are probably in the pre-development plans.

5. I except a new Banjo game for the XB1 before 2017 as well. Not sure if they will be another one to the 360 though.

6. I do expect another Perfect Dark on the XB1, but not sure if Black Tusk will be the developers. We'll see.

7. Don't know about a Track DLC for Forza 5. Turn 10 already released the Drag Racing mode patch. We might get one with another mode in the future. It probably wouldn't get announced until E3 though.

8. That's a given. We already know that a firmware update is coming on March 4. It's not just an update for Titanfall like everyone thinks.

9. I don't think we'll ever see another Tales game on Xbox. All we got was Tales of Versperia. Namco never released Tales of Grace F, Tales of Hearts, Tales of Destiny or Tales of Xillia on the Xbox. Not sure why since Tales of Verperia sold the most copies on XBox 360 worldwide. It even outsold the Japanese version on the PS3 in Japan. I'm surprised we got Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

10. GWG is coming to XB1 in March I believe. I'm sure it will just be a FREE copy of Peggle 2 & Lococycle though. I'll be surprised if M$ gives us Ryse or CoD: Ghost.

11. That won't happen because Mistwalker has moved on to making IoS type games now. Even thought their last games was The Last Story on the Wii. Microsoft would have to pay them a large amount of money to get them to make another JRPG for the XB1.

12. Monster Hunter series isn't as popular in the US, as it is in Japan. If M$ did make a deal with Capcom it would be to make this game for the Japan market.

13. That is already a fact. Phil Spencer said at the E3 they were acquiring 5 new 1st Party Studios and Black Tusk was just the 1st. They were also acquiring 2 Japanese studios as well.

14. LOL!! No. They aren't making another Joy Ride. That game bombed. World of Kelflings is a decent game, but NinjaBee isn't working on a new game.

15. Haven't heard anything about that yet.

16. Well since Double Helix just got bought out by Amazon, I doubt that will happen. Microsoft could pay Amazon and Double Helix to make a sequel to KI however, or they could just have RARE do it themselves.

I just want to see some of the older XBox exclusives rebooted. Would love to see Shenmue 3 finally get made, but also have the original Shenmue 1 & 2 updated to HD. M$ would release all 3 games as Shenmue Trilogy exclusively for XB1. Also want to see Conker, Banjo & Kazooie, Perfect Dark Zero 2, MechAssault 3, Rallisport Challenge 3, Crimson Skies 2, Links Next, Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, Alan Wake 2, Kameo 2, NBA Inside Drive 15 and a lot more.

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@blackace said:


9. I don't think we'll ever see another Tales game on Xbox. All we got was Tales of Versperia. Namco never released Tales of Grace F, Tales of Hearts, Tales of Destiny or Tales of Xillia on the Xbox. Not sure why since Tales of Verperia sold the most copies on XBox 360 worldwide. It even outsold the Japanese version on the PS3 in Japan. I'm surprised we got Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

12. Monster Hunter series isn't as popular in the US, as it is in Japan. If M$ did make a deal with Capcom it would be to make this game for the Japan market.

NOPE, Tales of vesperia sold more than twice on ps3 than 360 in japan heck they even sold more in first week then what 360 ver. did in its entire lifespan there. Sure I think microsoft can make a deal with Namco to bring Tales of series to its console as american exclusive but Tales of series is more synonym with the Play Station brand as almost every (or actually all) main tales series being there like FF and PERSONA (and also sells more too). But like you I'm amazed how microsoft able to secure TEKKEN, I mean that game was co produced by sony so applause to them !

they did release monster hunter there (I think Freedom 3 and MH:online or something alongside ps3/psp/pc ver) but the sales is not encouraging at all so I think they have given up on that . . . .