How can I tell if my Xbox 360 really has the FALCON chip! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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OK I just got an Xbox 360 and I already know how to tell if it has a FALCON chip. But there is something wrong, the lot # is 0741 and it uses 203 W. If the lot # is after 0734 then you have the Falcon chip but I have also heard that your powersupply should be 175 W to have the Falcon chip. If you could please clarify if my Xbox 360 has the Falcon chipor not then I wouldreally appreciate it!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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360 forum might help you more.
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lot # 0731 was a first-production *delta release. you want to check if the lot number is # 0733 because thats where the *delta release cutoff is, and the rest are FALCON chipsets.