Best Single Player Shooter?

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So i feel like getting a shooter, and i dont have xbox live. So i was looking for a shooter game along the lines of Star Wars battlefront or Unreal Championship, where the single player games have 'instant action' with computer bots. That way it has more value.

(i have Battlefront series, Unreal Series, Ghost Recon series)

Any good shooters that have some instant action or other single player modes?

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not that i can think of sorry. i had the unreal series, halo series, and mech assault series. all were good (except mech assault 2, it wasn't that great)
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get battletoads. call gamestop, they might have it in stock.
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Try Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. Or the Call of Cthulu game.
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have you tried the splinter cell series?
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get black
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Timesplitters 2 and 3 both have an arcade mode for single player with bots. If you've played Goldeneye or the original Perfect Dark, the set-up is very similar. There are also other challenges and added missions beyond that for single player only, so there's lots of replay value. Check them out - they should be budget priced and are an absolute blast.
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get blackDecko5

Indeed get black. Or halo.

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Halo 3 is awesomeness but I'm sure you already know that. =) Not much in the single player instant action tho. Perfect Dark is ok for the bots and stuff.
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The Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay; Halo; Farcry Instincts

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Half Life series
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Operation Flashpoint!

The pc version is better, because you can download and use thousands of custom made mods. I'm using the winterpack and the GRAA mod at the moment.

WGL is awesome too, as is the campaign in the FDF mod. FFUR mod makes the game look a lot better and ECP mod adds a bunch of immersive features and semi-random radio chatter. There are many more...

On the xbox you basically get the core game plus the Resistance expansion, but no mods of course.

The singleplayer campaignS (one from Cold War Crisis and one from Resistance) are very lengthy though so even without the addition of mods the game is very well worth its money.

Here is what might be interesting for you:

There is also a mission editor that lets you set up your own missions on HUGE already existing islands. You just select the island (they are HUGE! 10km*10km without additional loading times while travling on them!) place men or vehicles, set waypoints to where they should go and off you go.

Just place a bunch of bad-guys into a village and you and your squad on a hill nearby and you have a fun mission already.

Or place yourself somewhere along with a few friendlies, then add a predefined "mechanized infantry" group of enemies and tell them to move to your position. Tadaa. Perfect defence mission.

You can have endless fun with that game.

There are only two critical problems:

1. The graphics look very very dated by todays standards. It has its own realistic appeal to it, and it has those amazingly huge islands, but when all is said and done, it looks just dated.

2. Its very realistic. You definately have to like tactical shooters! This isn't like Ghost Recon 2 that could appeal to you if you like tactical shooters and it could appeal to you if you just like action shooters. Operation Flashpoint is brutally realistic and if you don't like that sort of thing, stay away from it. If you are used to shooters like Ghost Recon 2, Timesplitters or Halo, Operation Flashpoint might be very frustrating for you. Especially in the beginning, when you think that everythign happens randomly. Sometimes you get shot out of nowhere, sometimes everything works out for you.

After you play it for a bit, you begin to realize that the game is much more complex and thought through than the bad graphics might suggest.

If you shoot out of the same cover everytime, the AI will take aim on that and as soon as you pop out your head again they will kill you. If you shoot from that window a bit, then shoot out of the door a bit. Then move around the house and shoot from there a bit, they are far less likely to hit you.

If you move with the horizon behind you, they can make out a clear picture of you and will shoot you. If you move so you have a background behind you, they are less likely to hit you.

If you just dop down to earth and shoot instantly, they know where you dropped down and shoot there and you are dead. If you drop down, crawl away a bit and then shoot, they are less likely to hit you.

Everything is taken into account. Once you realize that, its like the game opens a window fo you to dive into and it becomes one of the greates tactical shooters of all times.

Timesplitters 3 has a multiplayer mode with bots. Its action oriented and fun(ny). The bots are bit on the dumber side, but if you add enough you can get a good game going.

Jedi Knight 2 and Jedi Knight Academy have a multiplayer mode with bots too. Also, not the brightest bots ever, but they are ok. In my opinion Jedi Knight 2 is superior as it has better multiplayer maps and a much better singleplayer campaign.

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thank you Pvt_Murphy. I also thank there other people for posting in my thread, except a lot of you guys are saying get halo and such, and the whole point of this thread is for single player games with bots and such so that it increases game value. But thanks anywways.
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Well, campaign is another single player mode. Multiplayer is built for MULTI people enjoyment, story mode for SIGNLE person enjoyment. In that respect Halo and Black go good. Pariah is a game with some decent bots in multiplayer, same with XII.
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Unreal is the best hands down
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Multiplayer is built for MULTI people enjoyment, story mode for SIGNLE person enjoyment.tylea002

I am talking about Instant Action mode. Not talking about multiplayer necessarily.

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Half Life 2 has a fantastic SP mode. I cannot speal for the X-Box version, though

Doom 3 of course. That game just plain rocks

I kind of like DArkwatch as well

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Half-Life 2

Doom 3


Far Cry Instincts

Play these first.

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Halo CE :, Half Life, and Doom 3 for single player shooters. I'd also try to find Mace Griffin if you can.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'Bots. I know what 'Bots are, I'm not sure how you want them involved in a game for the extra added value.

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Without a doubt half life 2 is the superior FPS shooter without xbox live. Only thing is the frame rate is poor and graphics and textures are compromised. Thats not to say the graphics aren't good just not as good as the PC version.
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TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.
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You should buy Call of duty series ( every game has about 27 single player maps in camping mode )

also you can buy doom3/halo/halo2/half-life2/area51/men of walor/black and if you whant more game search for games that gamespot gave 8.5 and higher in first persion shooter in XBOX fourm ;)