any places that fix xbox games?

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i have halo 2 for xbox and whenever i put it in an error message pops up saying "your disk may be dirty or demaged please remove to continue".I havetried wiping the disk to make it clean but still nothing happensI alsotried to contact game stores like EB games to see if they canfix it but they say they dont. and im trying to find out which stores can fix my halo 2 game if anyone knows please reply and post. thanks alot!
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can anyone please reply
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have you tried any other games or cd's. How about using a good lens cleaner? If it is halo2 disc dont be too worried just pick up a new or pre owned one for cheap.
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thanks for posting but its just halo 3 but i heard somegame stores can fix it so i tried eb games but that didnt work do you know any others?
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can anyone please reply i really miss playing halo 2
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It would be cheaper to pick up a preowned one. And don't bump threads. Much.
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i know it would be cheaper but it also might have the same problems tahts why i dont want to take any chances can anyone please tell me any places that can fix xbox games?
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If it has the same problems then the problem is with the box. You could play a game of halo 2, complete is, smash the disk and get a new disk and continue games no prob.
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i know its not the xbox because my other games work its just halo 2 i tried taking it to EB games but they say they dont fix games so im trying to find a place that does. do you know any?
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what I'm trying to say is that fixing the disk will have no difference to replacing. Unless the hard drive file is corrupt.
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thanks so much for the help i got what you where trying to say i might try it but can you please tell me any stores that can fix xbox games just incase i cant find a preowned one. (just in case) and thanks
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No prob =]
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can anyone tell me any game sotres that can fix games that are scratched? i tried eb games but they said they dont can anyone list anymore it would help me alot thanks.
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Well I don't know in america, but np chains fix games over in the UK. One independent shop did it, but that got taken over.
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o ok well thanks for the help you helped alot!
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Dude you made a topic like this before.
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this might work, get some brasso and put dots all around the cd and buff it with a cloth, and get it all off, then rinse it off, that should fix it, hope it helps
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where i live we have GameCrazy. It's attached to Hollywood Video. When i bought Fable it would freeze up, so i took it back and they cleaned it. But it ended up being the scratch was too deep, so they replaced it.

i would recommend going to Gamecrazy, or just buying a CD-Doctor tool or something, so you can take scratches out yourself.

fyi: the scratch is in the plastic, but the game is actually burned into the metal disc IN the plastic.

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I had this problem with my copy of GTA SA. Here is the lowdown after months of trying to find out what was going on. First, many people think disc technology is horrible. It is assumed that discs are an awful way to store information because of the ease in which they can be damaged and their seeming irreparability. Up north I'm guessing they want you to throw your disc away and buy another. But here in Mexico repair and recycle is the order of the day. I recommend you go to a local video store that isn't likely to be throwing away their old movies, that needs to repair them to make their money off them, and get them to try to clean the surface of your disc. There are ways to do it. I have a friend here who can make discs good as new and regularly does with the movies in his store. I'm not sure what the fine abrasive he uses is, but he uses an electric buffer tore-polish the disc surface. Perhaps Brasso or some other extremely fine polishing agent would work. I have heard toothpaste works, but the kind I used damaged my disc even more.

Your second problem may be the dreaded dying drive dilemma that the original xbox is cursed by. Cleaning the disc may help resolve the problem for now if your box is still reading other games. But I had to clean the disc and clean the eye and the mirrors before I could get the poor old machine to work again. And it still worked only with some games. Everything had to be perfect, the disc spotless, the lens clean, the machine rested,before it would function. I have since replaced the drive and it seems to be cranking away, although some games that have worked recently on other people's machinesstill won't work on mine. This is built in obsolesence. Considering how quickly Microsoft pushed out the xbox in favour of the 360, it's possible that these machines were only intended to work for 2 years.

I found a site with more info on problems and repairs that was extremely helpful.

Good Luck.

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I use stanard disk cleaner on my messed up games.