AI Bot Games? (first person shooters)

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What are some good xbox games with offline AI bot matches? I'm not talking about campaign mode. For instance, Counter-Strike would be perfect if it had split screen capability.

I was dissappointed with how cheesy Red Faction 2 was. I also don't care much for Timesplitters because it is cartoony. The rainbow 6 series is just going through a level and taking out all the bots, then your done (no respawn points or anything).

Star wars battlefront 2 is great IMO. So I guess I'm looking for something realistic with good graphics. How about all those military games out there?

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counter strike does not have splitscreen, big let down AI is dumb too
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007 Nightfire has some great split-screen with bots...
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Unreal 1 and 2 are really good ones for this.
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Star Wars Battlefront 1, make sure you get 1 and not 2.
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how about battlefield 2: modern combat?
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how about battlefield 2: modern combat?raven_squad

*PUKES* this has THE WORST singleplayer ever, and does NOT have any bots. The only redeaming thing is the online which is good at best. But still has about 25 players on thats it...

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timesplitters future perfect has all bot matches, and you can play as a chimp. I don't know how you can beat that.
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Battlefront series

Unreal Championship series

Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike (3rd person shooter)

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i don't care if you don't like timesplitters, it is by far the best offline multiplayer fps you'll play.
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I've never tried Timesplitters... I may give it a shot. So far I have 007 Nightfire, Unreal Championship series, and Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike.

Anything else???

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You've never tried Timesplitters? :shock:

You'll probably have a great time with it... and it's only like $10 too.

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i don't care if you don't like timesplitters, it is by far the best offline multiplayer fps you'll play.Dantes_Monkey

Thats true, the 3rd one its less cartoony now too!