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Hey everyone:D!

I don't play, collect or paint much Warhammer Fantasy (Although I'm not saying I dislike it, I'm just more into the other two games.), but I do have a box of Black Orks. With Warhammer 40K only a certain amount of gear can be equipped to certain troops (Namely the Space Marines.) so that units don't become over powered and aren't duel wielding multi-meltas or something similar (I would like to see a dual wield sniper though:P.), but for me that's no problem because since I'm into 40K, I have the Space Marines codex and know what can or can't be equipped when building one. Since I'm not into Fantasy as much as the others and do have a box of Black Orks, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there are any rules regarding what I can equip to them (NOTE: I'm only using the stuff that comes with the box.), I would check a codex, but since for Fantasy I don't collect any particular army and just buy whichever models interest me because I think they could be fun to build or paint, I don't buy any of Fantasy's codex's, and therefore don't really know what I can equip or not.

Anyway, the short of what I'm trying to ask is can I just build my Black Orks to look like whatever I want or are there rules on what I can equip them with (I'm only using the stuff from the box.)? Any help would be appreciated. Happy gaming:D!


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As of the last army book which was released Black Orcs all have Heavy Armor and the special rule "Armed to da Teef." Armed to da Teef basically says that they can switch back and forth during the course of the game between having a single Choppa (if they have been upgraded with shields) and two Choppas or a Great Weapon (Two Handed Weapon). One model in the regiment can be made a musician, one a standard bearer and one a Boss. The standard bearer can be upgraded with a magic banner. Black Orc characters who have special weapons use those automatically instead of the Armed to da Teef rule. Pretty much you can give them whatever mix of weapons you want and they will be a legal ready to play regiment, the only real decision game play wise (aside from whether or not you want a command group) is whether you want shields or not, otherwise you could model any mix of two choppas and two handed weapons into the same regiment to represent Armed to da Teef.

Hope that helps, that is how the most recent army book has it... since 8th edition just got released there may be a new army book coming down the pipes, but I don't really forsee them totally revamping what black orcs can and can't be equipped with (maybe the point costs, but probably not the gear, not until they do another big overhaul at least).

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@Lard-Head Cheers:D! That helped a ton!