Thoughts About Warhammer Fantasy 7th Edition

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I am starting to get back into miniature gaming and have got my wife on board with doing it too (she actually expressed some interest). I gave her a choice between Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40K for starters (I used to play both). She picked WHFB (for now) and since I didn't have 7th Ed (or more than one army) I went and grabbed a copy of Battle for Skull Pass.

For those of you who play WHFB what are your thoughts and feelings on 7th Ed in general (especially when compared to 5th Ed and 6th Ed which I used to play)? Also what armies do you play? What do you specifically think of Dwarves and Orcs & Goblins (since they are in the starter set) and Lizardmen (since they are the army I have from pre-7th Ed)?

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8th edition is out this summer xD which is why I haven't bought the rule book yet
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Ahhh, good to know. Do you know if 8th ed is going to be a major overhaul (like 5th to 6th) or relatively minor (like 6th to 7th)?
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Ive heard alot of mixed rumors one im really fearing is GW plans to make it more 'fun' aka making the system completely dumbed down so all those **tards can now play Kinda like 40k >.>
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That's unfortunate, I always liked the fact that Fantasy remained more tactical even through the updates to the rules (I wasn't opposed to the magic system changes though, even though I benefitted from the 5th edition magic rules they still needed to be revamped). Oh well, I guess we'll wait and see. Thanks for the info.

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uugh now there are too many rumors circulating most are clearly bull**** though there are some which may end up being true one some people have mixed thoughts about is that only 25% of your armies point value can come from your hero and lord choices which means that expensive armies such as daemons kinda get screwed over tactic-wise
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Ahhh, that doesn't totally suprise me as a rumor anyway... seems that the push has been toward making basic core units the actual core of the army instead of the Uber Lord, although I think that the existing rules (limiting the number of Lords and Heroes based on point value of the game and the equipment they carry having a set point limit in their army book) already went a ways toward that goal, even if they weren't excessively restrictive.

Oh well, when I went from 5th to 6th I gave up my Uber Lord heavy magic abuse army lists anyway (6th to 7th hasn't changed things too much for me so far, especially since I started a new army and haven't revisited my old one yet), so I don't really care too much one way or the other, although you're right, it does put some armies with spendy Lords/Heroes (like Daemons) in a tight spot (especially in lower point games).