What Game Are You Playing? (Legendary Edition)

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Just been doing numerous ME3 runs with different classes.

Trying to max out everything (because why not) is still incredibly time consuming.

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Finished Playing Assassin's Creed II. should complete those missing stuff? like Feathers, Treasure chests, the goddamn Truth videos and puzzle. I should, but I wouldn't. because I'm too LAZY!

Just gonna finish em stories! Next stop Assassin's Creed Brotherhood or maybe Splinter Cell games. got allot of games to play!

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I'm playing Batman: Arkham City. I'm 25% complete and having a lot of fun.

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@waterproof9: Are you really water proof?

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I'd really like to know too.

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Now I'm currently playing aside from what I posted in my last list

Nintendo 3DS/DS: Pokemon X, AC NL, Pokemon Black and Black 2 trying to complete Pokedex. I have 235 Pokemon to go or something like that which might take a while.
Also playing Ocarina of Time, Okamiden, Pokemon HG/SS, and Platinum.

Playstation 3: Okami, Diablo 3, Blacklist, Gran Turismo 6 and will be playing Lightning Returns soon.

and on Wii might add Twilight Princess and Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night to that list.

I can't seem to stick to playing one game or two. Anyway I did finish Explorers of the Sky sort of. well the main post story, but I guess there is another Final Boss after that.

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Surprised that the Skullgirls Dev team made such acts!

They just sent me a message to delete my goddamn copy and get the Skullgirls Encore edition from PSN. finally, a DLC character for the game. it might only one but It's progress. can't really complain after all.

EDIT: oh almost forgot, I'm still creep out about Blizzard and Dibalo III's Reaper of Souls Expansion. hate it when that happens. there's still a probability I think, that the Reaper of Souls Expansion will be on PS3 too, but it's like XCOM: Enemy within. which sucks btw, to know that I'm gonna have to buy another one like that.

Also gonna play Lightning Returns sometime in March. cannot play it for now. but I still got some games to finish Like AC Brotherhood, Revelation, AC III and ACIV. got allot of AC games to play. plus Batman Arkham series.

also probably gonna buy Nintendo eShop wallet and Pokemon X.

time to work and save money then.

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Currently playing Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and Lightning Returns on PS3
on 3DS playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon Y, Battle of Giants Dragons Bronze Edition and think that is it at the moment

And for pokemon I have currently have my team
Absol-level 32
Servine-level 22
Vaporeon-level 30
Meowstic-level 31
Vulpix-level 26
Skarmory-level 9

and in my PC Box that I have used
1.Ponyta-level 15
2. Zorua-level 24
3. Braixen-level 17
4.Elgyem-level 22
5.Tyrunt-level 29
6. Honedge-level 27
7. Vivillon- level 32
8. Bayleef-level 29

Had to switch some of them out because their levels were getting to high. Also plan on using Milotic, Trapinch,Deerling,Chinchou, Mudkip,Oshawott, Aerodactly, Finneon, Phanpy and some others eventually. Currently have Two badges. Trying to use some Pokemon I haven't really used yet. Absol is one of them, along with Honedge and Meowstic and as well as Zorua and Vaporeon.

as for Tales of Symphonia I do want to get the Platinum for the game, but not so sure I want to get all the Titles for each Character. Some of the Requirements look to be a bit of a pain. Trying to get Colette's first since it is my favorite character. But trying to keep all the character's alive at a certain point is bit of a pain. Since I can only carry 20 Apple gels with me. Not looking forward to the I hate gels title either for Genesis since he likes to die alot. Wonder if Titles and levels carry over on a New Game+. Been a while since I played the game so I can't remember.
Now I just want a Legend of Spyro HD Collection along with Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog put on PSN.

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On a random whim, I started listening to the Banjo-Tooie soundtrack. Now I want to play it so bad, but I haven't had my N64 in years. Damn, so much nostalgia. Never listen to a game soundtrack of a game you played during your childhood if the game isn't readily available for you to play. You're just torturing yourself.

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Been playing Assassin's Creed series way too long. on the other hand. in the 3DS. Playing Rune Factory 4 is kinda taking most of my time when there's no electricity in our place.

Kinda thinking I'll buy Code of Princess for 3DS and Lightning Returns next week.

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Is the new Tomb Raider game any good?

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I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. It's a pretty straightforward shooter/action game, some stealth and RPG elements, mixed with some standard Prince of Persia style platforming, a decent story, cool setting, and good optional puzzles.

If you can get it cheap, I'd recommend it.

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@meetroid8: Bet.

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Played Skyrim again, and I think it's quite bad, because It's addictive.

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@kierwinyoung said:

Played Skyrim again, and I think it's quite bad, because It's addictive.

I'd like to play Skyrim again sometime. I played about 80 hours back when it came back, and by the end I was too bored to keep going. Thous dungeons are all just so similar to each other. I'd like to play the DLC, though.

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@meetroid8: Luckily in my case, I bought the Legendary Edition of it. so DLC is already included in the game Disc. not sure how long was my last playthrough though, I think it was around 130+ hours, then I just thought of ending the Story line of Alduin then I stopped. I just played it again. though I gotta admit Dungeons do look quite the same.

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@kierwinyoung said:

@meetroid8: Luckily in my case, I bought the Legendary Edition of it. so DLC is already included in the game Disc. not sure how long was my last playthrough though, I think it was around 130+ hours, then I just thought of ending the Story line of Alduin then I stopped. I just played it again. though I gotta admit Dungeons do look quite the same.

Funny you should mention that. I'm doing a bit of Skyrim again (and downloading lots of werewolf mods).

I'm now just learning of the legendary edition (what a fucking pain in the arse you couldn't buy physical copies of the stand alone expansions...) and already sought out a copy of that on ebay.

I'll get to buying that soon, and should hopefully keep me going for a while.

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Playing Lightning Returns in the PS3. while I'm not playing it. I'm Playing Code of Princess in the 3DS. might also play Assassin's Creed Revelation and Assassin's Creed III in the Xbox 360.

also still need to play Batman Arkham Series.

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I tried out Warframe the other day. It's pretty fun. Solid shooting and action, decent team mechanics, lots of content, and it's all free to play. It looks like it's a little on the Pay2Win side of free to play, but since it's all cooperative instead competitive, it doesn't make as much of a difference.

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I bought the new Tomb Raider and I'm liking it so far. It's like Uncharted, but not as good. Still an enjoyable game though.

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I sold my PS3 and all the games and got a PS4, FIFA 14, and Ground Zeroes.

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@n33d2skate: Holy Crap you did that? I don't know about me, I can't do that. since people here in Philippines are so brash, tried selling stuff you own and they'll demand the lowest price there is. but anyway I wouldn't do it either myself, as for PS4 I think I'll buy when prices dropped or a slim version existed.

Anyway as for now i'm currently playing Assassin's Creed Revelation borrowed from my Brother.

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The entire Prince of Persia went on sale on Steam, and now I'm slowly making my way through them. It's my first time playing Sands of Time, and it's aged surprisingly well, considering it feels a lot like a PoP-lite compared to the later ones.

I remember back when this franchise was huge, like 03-05 when the Sands of Time trilogy came out. It's too bad it's since died. I guess it just wasn't simplistic or action-focused enough to stand up to franchises like Assassin's Creed. I'm beginning to think that PS2+Gamecube generation of games was the best one we'll ever have.

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@meetroid8: Then they made that reboot that kinda sucked

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The 2008 one or the one that came out with the movie? I haven't really played either. I thought the 2008 one looked very cool. I've actually been looking forward to when I get around to that one.

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@meetroid8: The 2008 one

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Been Grinding levels in Tales of Symphonia trying to get each character to level 100 before starting a New Game+ Sure took forever. I already completed the Story of the game but trying to work on getting the platinum for Tales of Symphonia. About all I've been really playing

I also did get Yoshi's New Island and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Collection. and Spyro Year of the Dragon and Carnivores HD I think.

I also preordered Watch Dogs, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Drakengard 3.

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Been playing Lightning Returns the right way. My last playthrough was kinda all of excitement and no common sense. and then I failed in 13 days. :( anyway since I know how to play it. guess my experience now is allot better and more refined. I have to see the ending!

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Finished Lightning Returns, really been happy about the ending. like a Disney Happy ending feeling.

Now after this game, I came to have an existential Crisis, I mean.... what's next?

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The Last of Us on PS4 will run at 1080p.

I thought it already did on PS3.

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I'm pretty sure the PS3/360 couldn't run games in native 1080p.

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Enjoying The Last of Us. I really love how they put up the Stealth and survival sh*t an'all. plus I really love Ellie and Joel. really great.

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Tower of Guns is pretty decent. Roguelikes seem to be coming back into style of late. I've been seeing a lot of them.

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Finished playing The Last of Us. I was really a bit cliffhanged in the ending. but I realized it was meant to be and accepted it. somehow became satisfied on it. yeah. I'll just think Ellie and Joel lived happily ever after. :P

I'm currently playing GTA V and Diablo III with my Brother Co-op.

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I reflex bought Child of Light the day it came out. I'm not sure I would recommend paying the full $15 for it, but it's a good game. Beautiful visuals and soundtrack, simplistic but fun RPG elements and battle system, very mediocre story and characters. I've enjoyed it a lot, but it could have been so much better.

I guess you can't expect a bunch of FPS devs to be able to make a really amazing fairy tale RPG on their first try. It's incredible that they made this at all.

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InFamous: Second Son is pretty sweet. It's probably my favorite InFamous game so far.

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I finally bought Dark Souls II.

People seem to be playing it a bit, so hopefully it'll be as good a time waster as the first game (or technically the second game, I guess...).

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I didn't understand Dark Souls. I played through the intro area and then quit pretty soon after that. That might just be because I'm not very willing to devote the amount of time necessary to figure out how to be good at it, though.

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i bought and beat Dark Souls II and oh my god it was one of the best games i've ever played

i also got a wii-u and have been playing Wind Waker HD

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Bit disappointed in Watch Dogs since I haven't watched a single dog yet.

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Transistor was phenomenal. Super Giant Games is going to become one of the all time best developers if they keep this up.

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Played GTA Online lately, allot of GTA O. man that is so addictive. although I was thinking I should replay Deus Ex Human Revolution, Lightning Returns or maybe Play some Batman Arkham Series. way too many games and more games will come. unlike other people. I can't buy games right after they've been released. Must wait quite awhile. Archipelago Country sucks.

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Got into the Destiny alpha and I'm loving it so far.

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I can't decide whether or not I should care about that one. How open would you say it seems? How similar to Borderlands? How dependent on the co-op aspect?

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@meetroid8: From what I played, it seemed pretty open. There was only one area you could go to that involved fighting, it was Russia on Earth. They drop you there and you can pretty much go anywhere in that map. Remember how the maps worked in Halo's campaign? I'd say it's a bit like that, but a lot bigger. Again, they only had one area so I can't really say for sure. It's similar to Borderlands in how it will tell you how much damage you do on the screen, as well as the loot and weapons. You'll find several weapons that you cannot use at your current level yet. It's not very dependent on co-op, but it's certainly much more fun. It has MMO aspects in that random people might show up and start to help you (I don't think you can just kill a player; they have a separate place for that). This was one of my favorite experiences while playing because I was having trouble in a large battle and two random players showed up and really helped me out.

I'm not so sure how Destiny will run on current-gen though. It would be extremely toned down.

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My potential issue with a feature like that is, just like with Journey, what kind of shelf life is it really going to have? Once the community is gone, that drop-in coop is gone too. Either you buy the game early with everyone else and get the full experience, or you wait a couple years until you can get it on sale and you don't.

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@meetroid8: I think there will be a lot of content to keep the community satisfied for a long, long time. We'll just have to wait and see.