Season 4 Episode 9: Pinkie Apple Pie

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Funniest episode of the season. Good song and enjoyable humour.

A more or less unexpected ending, but makes things a bit more fun that way.

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Man there was some great subtlety in this episode.

Snapshot of inside the cave.

Also, I knew she she had a strangely masculine voice...

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Probably my favorite episode of the season so far.

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I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see what Applejack's parents looked like. I really hope we get to at some point, along with every other ponies' parents.

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Wait, did I say unexpected ending? I meant expected (though not necessarily in the way they did).

@n33d2skate said:

I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see what Applejack's parents looked like. I really hope we get to at some point, along with every other ponies' parents.

The only problem is, if there's any mention of AJ's parents, they'll probably need to address the fact that they're... well, dead.

I'd like to see it explored myself, but I think all we'll get is just a couple of shooting stars for now...

Also, I'll just leave these here.

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I greatly enjoyed this one, too, at least as much as the last episode. The writers have trouble with Pinkie Pie, and her antics are always hit or miss. They often go overboard, tossing her in for a bit of random comedic relief, usually with a joke that has little or nothing to do with the plot of the episode, or anything else. She comes off more as annoying and stupid. Here, I think she was written very well. She still strayed into the annoying random at times, but for the most part, I thought she was more of the cute and excited kind of random, and most of her gags were directly related to what was going on on screen.

Applejack is another character the writers seem to have trouble with, in that they seem to have a hard time giving her interesting conflicts or opportunities for growth. People often complain that she's too tied to the rest of the Apple family, and I agree that she is, but I don't see it as a problem. Family is a huge part of her life and personality, and I think they did a good job working that into a believable, relatable conflict in this episode.

I enjoyed the song much more than I thought I would, and I like how it's integrated into the actual plot of the episode. Many of the songs feel like they're happening outside of the actual canon somehow, but this one didn't. I'm usually not a big fan of the Apple family, but I enjoyed most of their antics here, and I loved how excited they all became about welcoming Pinkie Pie into the family. It was also nice to see some interpersonal conflict for one. Usually we see the Apples working together to fend some outside conflict, but here we got to see much more interaction between.

It was a very cute, funny episode, focusing on the characters and their interactions, which is all I want from my pony.

All in all, I'm loving this show again.

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Yeah, that was definitely an issue with pinkie during last season.

Perhaps they may have forgotten at times that she can show depth as a character and still continue to be random and silly. I did think she was handled pretty well, especially for a first time writer of the show

I did also enjoy the interaction between the apple members.

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And now that I've also got a video of the episode, a possible pinkie relation?

Candy cane house, and also taking a book from the bottom without it falling.

It's all assumption, but probably the most 'proof' we'll get of her relation to the apples.

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I think it's really up to the viewer to decide if Pinkie's actually related. Personally, I don't think so.

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That was Scootaloo, just seeing what having a family is like.

Even if Pinkie is related, she's not really related. 4th cousin twice removed, or whatever she was, isn't related. That's too distant a relation to be considered family.

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@meetroid8: So it's okay if they get it on.

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Exactly my point. Chances are, you've met a fourth cousin twice removed at some point in your life and didn't know it. You might have even had sex with them. How would you know?

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@meetroid8: That's the whole point of the show.