Season 4 Episode 22: Trade Ya

#1 Posted by Celldrax (14680 posts) -

I did enjoy this episode.

I liked seeing some of that S1 tension between AJ and Rarity again. And Fluttershy and RD were kinda entertaining and a bit ridiculous.

They've definitely been pretty inconsistent though with the Twilight worship throughout this season.

#2 Posted by n33d2skate (5069 posts) -

@Celldrax: Applejack did the eyebrow thing again. I'm so happy.

#3 Posted by Watershiprabbit (47 posts) -

That was an OK episode.

#4 Posted by kierwinyoung (3147 posts) -

That was great. I really enjoyed how Rarity and AJ get into it again. like they used to. Then Fluttershy and RD was hilarious.

I don't know what to say about Twilight and Pinkie Pie. I was a bit distracted, I mean Confused. I don't know.