Season 4 Episode 17: Somepony to Watch Over Me

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I gotta admit, I did cringe a bit at the whole over-protectiveness thing. Definitely got a little overdone there.

Chimera scene was ok I think we know what to expect on derpibooru soon...

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Heh, hat and bow closet...

And of course, the obvious jungle book reference.

Also light saber chair, more spaghetti, and hard partying.

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One of the best Apple Family eps.

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A lot of people are saying Applejack was acting out of character here, and I can see that. Personally, I just enjoyed the silliness of it. But, man, that monster scene in... hell? was just bizarre, and came out of nowhere. Applejack was badass, but that's one of the most nonsequitor action scenes I've ever seen.

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@meetroid8: I personally didn't think she was out of character (of course, she's been shown to be over-protective of Applebloom even in season 1).

I love a good gag, but some parts were just a little too ridiculous and too over the top for my liking not necessarily because AJ is normally shown as the typically level-headed character she is, but it just didn't feel believable at all

I did enjoy the episode for the most part though, and there's some great fight scene gifs already.

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When was she overprotective of Applebloom in season 1? I don't remember anything like that.

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Damn, Applejack

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@meetroid8 said:


When was she overprotective of Applebloom in season 1? I don't remember anything like that.

Bridle Gossip.

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Oh, right. That's been long time to go without seeing that side of her personality, though. I think I need to watch the first season again. It's been long enough that I'm starting to forget a lot of the specifics of the episodes.

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It was alright, I guess. I'm still seeing allot of CMC episodes. where are the others? not that I'm complaining.

Wasn't able to watch it allot of days ago. anyway. AJ is protective before. but never been like that. Checking her sister every 5 seconds. hah.