Season 4 Episode 14: Filli Vanilli

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Fun episode.

Enjoyable songs throughout, S1 continuity (though an almost complete disregard for other pieces of continuity), flutterbutt (flutterbutts everywhere!).

Pinkie is still Pinkie, though. But at least it was more her being inconsiderate rather than just complete randomness.

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[shipping intensifies]

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@Celldrax: Big Mac sweating when he saw Fluttershy's butt.

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Very cute episode. I think this is the cutest Fluttershy has ever been. Pinkie was pretty rough, and the songs were all meh. But, damn, Fluttershy was cute.

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Did they just coincidentally did that? Big Mac sweating while staring at Fluttershy's Butt. guess probably everyone knows it but damn! I know. I know. anyway.

IMO the song was one of the best. probably. yeah. but then, Fluttershy is killing me in cuteness!

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@kierwinyoung said:

Did they just coincidentally did that? Big Mac sweating while staring at Fluttershy's Butt.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised (doing it on purpose, that is), considering all the exploitables this season has thus far provided.

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@Celldrax: He's sweating because Fluttershy kept improvising in the song, thus making it more difficult for him to lip synch

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He's clearly sweating because he suffers from primary focal hyperhidrosis.

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@meetroid8: Liar. My brother works for Hasbro, he'll ban you from watching the show.

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Well, my brother works for Hasbro too, and he can beat up your brother.

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@meetroid8: NUH UH

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Uh huh. I asked him and he said so.

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Episode was pretty good. Sure seems to be alot of songs this season. Although out all of them my favorite has remained This Day in Aria from Season 2.

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@-Vulpix-: My favorite was when Lil B covered the Pony Polka.