Season 4 Episode 11: Three's A Crowd

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Definitely think I need to re-watch this one (well, I always do anyway). A bit of a hectic episode with lots of stuff going on.

Discord is always good value though, and a nice reference to Aladdin with the song and dropped spaghetti

Also, horn laser battle.

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I liked it pretty well, was nice seeing Princess Cadance again and for once they made Twilight Fly.
Looks like Twilight knows how to Fly now from the looks of it. Hopefully they'll have an episode for Princess Luna and Celestia sometime too, since we haven't seen them in a while either.

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Bronies crying over Flash Sentry being included in the episode. No alarms and no surprises.

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Thought they said they weren't going to include him in Season 4, but doesn't bother me any if he in Season 4 or not.

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@-Vulpix-: LIEZ

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@Celldrax: O

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Once again, Discord proves to be the master of Trolling. being annoying but. annoyingly funny. either way he sure knows how to put a test. anyway, I really enjoyed that Princess Cadence gets to show in a none Finale or premiere episode, which is mostly that shows her in Princess manner. Now i'll wait and see how the other Princesses will show up in an Episode. Flash Sentry just showed up, and all I saw in the comment section is just butthurts about him. I don't mind him too much, He didn't even lay a single word, I'm Big Mac got more good lines than him. I mean excluding the Equestria Girls of course.

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Honestly, I'm no real fan of Flash Sentry. I'm really not hoping for an Everfree castle Twilight x Flash finale, or some other bullshit like that. There's no better way to ruin main characters and send a cartoon into steady decline than focusing on romance and throwing them all in relationships (it may happen one day, but we do still have at least an entire 5th season ahead of us). But so long as he has less lines than even Derpy, I won't complain too much.

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@Celldrax: Oh Crap! that ending could happen, Let's hope not. I'm getting tired of the Flash Butthurt in the internet as it is. then I'm starting to think if that happens, MLP might not be for children anymore, it might take it for maybe older than children, maybe just maybe a little older. I better brace myself, then again, Derpy even got a better screen time than him. plus this also passes my mind, Equestria girls is a parallel world right? that means Flash Sentry there knows about twilight and might get into a relationship. But Flash Sentry in Equestria doesn't know anything about it, so that means they're complete Strangers.

so it might be nothing and it's all just butthurt from the internet.

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Discord has consistently been a fun character to watch through every one of his appearances. I'm glad they decided to work him back into the show. He was great here, and it's one of the most enjoyable episodes this season because of him.

I don't care at all about Flash Sentry.

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@meetroid8 said:

I don't care at all about Flash Sentry.