Season 4 Episode 10: Rainbow Falls

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My body is ready.

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Aww shiiiiiieeeeeet.

Well, I found that entertaining. I thought Bulk Biceps was funny. Also more rainbow power (and what I assume to be another key).

Derp edit:

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Does Rainbow Dash even fall in the episode?

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No. But Soarin does.

And Fluttershy. And Bulk Biceps.

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I watched it. I thought it was a good episode, but I didn't like how the Wonderbolts suddenly became a bunch of assholes. I always imagined them being pretty much the polar opposite to that. Guess they made them like that so there could be an actual conflict.

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I'm still kinda torn on whether I do or don't enjoy Spitfire's general characterisation, but I'll take it for now.

Soarin is pretty chill though.

I'm glad we also got to see more gryphons I can't be the only one who'd like to see an episode in the gryphon kingdom at some point

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Just saw it earlier, Was kinda surprised that they included Gryphons in the games, but Flying is just one thing in the game. anyway.

I don't know where Spitfire and whoever the pony in cahoots with her. just thinking that Soarin is pretty cool about it. How does he do that? but he was kinda upset in the Hospital. can't blame him. It was a good Episode, So far Season 4 is pretty good. :D

EDIT: Oh and The Derpy Rises! Da da da da DAAAAA!!!!! (I'm Batman :3 )

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Episode was pretty good. So far the only episode I didn't exactly care for was Rarity takes Manehattan. So far this season has been pretty good. I do know this Episode 10 discussion, but back on Episode 1 I did like Twilight's Face when she thought Nightmare Moon returned.

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I thought it was a fun episode. A lot of people seem upset about the Wonderbolts and Bulk Biceps, though, I didn't mind either much.

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@meetroid8: I would've let Dash fly with the Wonderbolts. Ponyville's gonna lose in the actual games anyways.

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@n33d2skate said:

@meetroid8: I would've let Dash fly with the Wonderbolts. Ponyville's gonna lose in the actual games anyways.

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Some are just butthurt that they didn't give him the name of Snowflake (which wouldn't make much sense anyway in the pony universe)

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I think it's more because he was a one line joke, which they told again and again. It's a reasonable criticism. I just didn't mind it. I do wish his "Oh yeah!"s would have been a little more dramatic. He didn't seem as excited this time around.

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@Celldrax: Bronies would get butthurt if Twilight took three steps to get a book rather than four.

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Pretty sure Twilight doesn't have to take any steps to get a book could just use Magic or Fly.