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I don't think there's a topic for this yet. Anyways, Equestria Girls 2 is coming out this year. It follows the story of the Mane 6 in humanland and their pursuit as a rock band. Not to spoil anything, but some end up with serious drug addictions, another in a mental ward, and one pursues a less than successful solo career.

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I heard that twenty years later they get back together for an MTV reality show that'll be canceled after one season.

This movie will be terrible. I don't really care.

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@meetroid8: It probably won't be terrible, but it's just being made to bring in the money. It seems the ponies only have eyes for the paper.

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I thought this last one was pretty bad. I don't have any high hopes for this new one. I might not even watch it.

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@meetroid8: Don't say that. Hasbro will hear you. Then you'll be watching it. You'll be watching every day. For the rest of your life.