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Oh no you don't!

*adds one more to post count*

I'm trying to think of stuff to post (eventually...).

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All hail based n33d

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What is this based on? Thought for sure I've made more then 19 post on this union.

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The count began when the board was revived. It's as many posts you've made here since then.

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okay, guess if that is the case didn't think I made that many since the board was revived. Since I don't really come to the site as often as I used to.
Been to busy playing games on Nintendo 3DS. and think before the union returned the last time I came to the site was December or January

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We need to be more active(except you n33d :P ), I need to be more active.

oh well, luckily ever since this union got revived, my time spent in GameSpot has increased significantly more.