Can both you and Calandra to survive in the end?

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Is there a way for both you and Calandra to survive in the end?

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Does it honestly matter?

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Yea it does, I am kind of guy who play games for the story.

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I never saw Cairon die. Actually hoping there's going to be an add-on or sequel with him set in one of the other spheres. Has the potential now to be a great series. There's so many ways the future could go.

It took me a couple hours to get into this game. I was very disappointed at first after playing the Drakensang games and loving them for the RPGness. But for a casual 3rd person action-rpg this is a great game.

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@elessarGObonzo: Cairon does not need to be the one who sacrificed himself, you can fast talk Callandra into doing it...but to answer the original question, no only two endings I found were either you or her are going down with the demon

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Yeah, kind of hard to miss all the dialogue pointing to her taking your place. But, her character wasn't dynamic enough to carry me through a game so I wouldn't be choosing her even if it was an option in a sequel\add-on. Unless a lot changed\s.

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is this a good game worth playing?

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@kenpachi212: i really enjoyed it. more action-based rpg than the other DarkEye games so far.