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Union Images

Union Images


MarioSig.jpg picture by NFS102

IronManSig.jpg picture by NFS102


[spoiler] Userbars:

h-5.jpg picture by PaperLuis
gif-8.gif picture by PaperLuis
thpapermariofanavy-4.png picture by PaperLuis

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Officer Bios


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Ex-Officers List

jak10 - A user that first joined due to a thread in the gamespot union recruitment board. He helped get the union started, by inviting lots of members (and some are officers to this day). He still comes around to the board every once in a while. ;) latte428 - One of the earliest members in the union. She helped the union have a banner, tags, and an avatar.

hsedai (mid July, 2008 to 9/28/08 ) - A great officer, and a good person. He was one of the funniest users on GS and was great at giving people good laughs while at the union. Sadly, he has moved on and left GS.

double_decker - also known to many as D_D, he was for a short time during May 2008 an officer of the union and in a way helped out in making this place become better by getting several posters to join the union which helped jumpstart activity.

NFS102 (January 11, 2009 to November 3, 2009) - One of the SCU's best officers of all time. He was great at helping to start new features, giving feedback, and designing. NFS was the union's main designer for 2009 and made almost all of the designs for the union. NFS will always be "teh noob officer 8)"

worthyofnote - 2009 an officer who before becoming one at the SCU had never been a union officer surprisingly. He was active however, and proved to be a great addition to the team. Eventually worthy became a mod here on GS and resigned since he couldn't dedicate enough time to keeping up with the SCU when he became a mod.

Cloud_765 - A person who had a ton of gamespot spirit. :P Cloud was immediately a stand out and was one of the fastest picked officers ever, he stood out among many other people due to his leadership and innovativeness.

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Hall of Fame!


Here it is, the HoF (Hall of Fail... I mean Fame). Rarely if a user does something deemed good enough I will, add them to our hall of fame. Think it's easy making our HoF? Posting like a crazed maniac in all the threads isn't enough, NO!

Well how can one deliver you ask, all you have to do is participate. Easy right? Invite friends, create threads that are... interesting (anything you're willing to make I'm sure someone here are willing to take part), I could go on but anything and everything you do is a big help! If you do enough to make a lasting impact on the union you'll make it eventually! Keyword: eventually: we've had tons of great members here, most of whom in other unions would have quickly been given officership for such dedication. So how hard must it be? Well so far only one person has made it! Yeah that's right, ONE! After all this time only one person has made our hall of fame, our Hall of Fame isn't an easy task to achieve. If you make it one day... then congrats! You're pretty much considered one of SCU's G.O.A.T.


- Racer_XLR

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Member Shout-Outs

Here members that have been inducted to the Hall of Fame can make a shout-out towards the union.

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Weekly Polls

  1. Weekly Poll #1~ Are you Lazy?
  2. Weekly Poll #2 ~ Music time
  3. weekly poll #3 favorite holiday
  4. Weekly Poll #4 ~ Best thing to do in free time?
  5. Weekly Poll #5 ~ Would you rather...
  6. Weekly Poll #6 ~ Better Interwebs?
  7. Weekly Poll #7 ~ best kinda stat?
  8. Weekly Poll # 8 ~ Best thing to do while bored?
  9. Weekly Poll #9 ~ Is the text editor evil?
  10. Weekly Poll #10 Best way to contact?
  11. Weekly Poll #11 ~ How big is Space?
  12. Weekly Poll #12 ~ Would you marry a Robot?
  13. Weekly Poll # 13 ~ What do you when having a crappy week?
  14. Weekly Poll #14 ~ Will F's TMR some day not fit on the page?
  15. Weekly Poll #15 ~ Will the Human Race die out?
  16. Weekly Poll #16 ~ When not on gamespot you...
  17. Weekly Poll #17 Put the Lime in the Coke you nut?
  18. Weekly Poll #18 ~ They stole teh good RC!
  19. Weekly Poll #19 ~ #?
  20. Weekly Poll #20 ~ Best time of a summer day?
  21. Weekly Poll # 21 ~ Is summer really the best time of year?

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Weekly Verse Topics

  1. Verse Poll #1 Books Vs Films
  2. Verse Poll#2 PC games Vs Non PC games
  3. Verse Poll #3 Blockbuster Vs NetFlix
  4. Weekly Verse #4 23 or 42?
  5. Weekly Verse #5 Kick F or Punch F in the face?
  6. Weekly Verse#6 Desktops or Laptops?
  7. Weekly Verse #7 ~ PS3, 360 or Wii?
  8. Weekly Verse #8 ~ School Or Work?
  9. Weekly Verse #9 ~ Life Bug or Death Bug?

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Hot Seats

  1. Julian
  2. Apathy38
  3. jediknight52501
  4. double_decker
  5. Racer_XLR
  6. Tr0787
  7. fastesttruck
  8. worthyofnote
  9. IrritableEscort
  10. hsedai
  11. asian_pride69
  12. Marksman2200
  13. Ronstera
  14. Lairdo91
  15. dukebd699
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Weekly Challenges (winners and losers)

Winners[spoiler] Cousin_eddy - get 300 posts in a single day
fastesttruck - get 500 posts in a single day
Papermariofan57 - get 1200 posts in one week
Julian - get 28+ comments on three blogs during the week
Horgen123 - Ask 85 questions in the hotseat
Machobuzzzy - Get 1000 posts in one week
Papermariofan57 - get 2000 posts in one week
PolskaKing - Ask 85 questions in the hotseat
cheesyjon - Advertise SCU using 3 different methods [/spoiler]

Losers [spoiler] Patriots - get 1200 posts in one week
NFS102 - get five new users to join and post in this union
jediknight52501 - make a board sweep daily for a week
msudude211 - board sweep three times for three days.
lancelot200 - board sweep everyday for a week
NuKkU - get 1111 posts in one week
horgen123- Get 500 posts in one day
Swangot19 - Create 4 different threads inside of one week here in SCU (with good dicussion)
Cloud_765 - Unusual/interesting news, one for each day. [/spoiler]
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Comunity Interviews Community Interview #1: jediknight52501 Community Interview #2: Illiaste Community Interview #3: Racer_XLR Community Interview #4: asian_pride69 Community Interview #5: NuKkU Community Interview #6: fastesttruck Community Interview #7: lancelot200 Community Interview #8: cousin_eddy Community Interview #9: daxter223 Community Interview #10: asian_pride69 Community Interview #11: Cloud_765 Community Interview #12: mitu123 Community Interview #13: mitu123 Community Interview #14: JustPlainLucas Community Interview #15: Uas-2001 Back to top
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Monthly Statistics

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Monthly Statistics (continued)

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Monthly Statistics (continued)

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Monthly Statistics (continued)

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Monthly Statistics (continued)

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Union Milestones

1. Reach 100 members. (Accomplished 5-18-08 ) 2. Reach 500 members. (Accomplished 4-11-09) 3. Reach 1000 members. (Accomplished 6-27-11) 4. Get 50,000 views. (Accomplished 6-2-08 ) 5. Get 100,000 views. (Accomplished 7-3-08 ) 6. Get 200,000 views. (Accomplished 2-7-09) 7. Get 300,000 views. (Accomplished 4-13-09) 8. Reach 10,000 posts on the board. (Accomplished 5-21-08 ) 9. Reach 50,000 posts on the board. (Accomplished 7-23-08 ) 10. Reach 100,000 posts on the board. (Accomplished 12-31-08 ) 11. Reach 200,000 posts on the board. (Accomplished 4-21-09) 12. Reach 500,000 posts on the board. (Accomplished 1-7-12) 13. Get a 10K view day. (Accomplished 6-1-09)

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Union History The SCU was originally a dead elder scrolls union which had been handed over to me. Around early March 2008 I had just returned from my first extended break from Gamespot and after being a fan of the Open Communication Center for a while I was interested in having my own small UCB for discussions, somewhat similar to the OCC except smaller. I've never been a paying member however and didn't want to spend money just to get a board, so I decided a union was the "next best thing," and originally intended on creating a small union for friends to post at. Instead of bothering to go through the hassles of creating a union from scratch, I decided to use the dead union that I somehow was handed leadership of after many others had passed it down, as my new board. I erased all old threads and made it look brand new aside from not having any members, images, threads, etc. On April 11, 2008 was when the SCU was born from a dead union. Name-wise, the union can thank asian_pride69 for suggesting it. We were both officers at Club Whatever back then when the union was at its prime and he suggested the name. Originally the union was going to be called "The Club," but I went with Social Cafe Union instead. Shoutouts to our oldest remaining members: Racer_XLR and jediknight52501. Racer was one of the very first officers picked when the union had just started, and shoutout to jediknight52501 for being the person who provided the spark to get things running initially. jedi stumbled upon this place thanks to Club Whatever, and was originally new to GS since he had just moved from gamefaqs, and invited all his friends. From there we got our initial spark, thanks to a few people joining. Another shoutout to the OCC who in a way is like the father board of this place. The SCU was created to be a smaller version but eventually started growing and when the OCC started dying there was a shift in members from there moving to the SCU. This provided the final spark in getting the union to become active and from the on membership and activity skyrocketed. Our peak was around spring 2009, about one year after being created. At this time we were averaging over 1000 posts daily and quickly moving up from having been relatively unknown to becoming one of the big unions around. The "big four," termed by fastest (I think it was him lol), back then was The Jedi Council, Gotei 13, Toonami and the SCU. Back to top