Random Poll #11: Drink Edition

#1 Posted by Noteldnep (20167 posts) -

If you people don't mind, I'll go ahead and create the next Random Poll. What's your favorite non-soda beverage?

I'd have to vote in the Other category myself, because I like Lemonade/Fruit Punch better than any of the other four options I put in the poll. 

#2 Posted by ArmoredCore55 (23874 posts) -
Water. I also like hot tea.
#3 Posted by Horgen (110871 posts) -
#4 Posted by TAMKFan (32866 posts) -
Pink lemonade
#5 Posted by ktulu007 (41725 posts) -

Tea, it's the civilised choice.

And I mean proper tea. Not that bagged rubbish.  

#6 Posted by MikeLirette (4685 posts) -
Haha I'd have to say Water, but I love beer as well.
#7 Posted by Noteldnep (20167 posts) -
I would vote Alcohol if I drank it more often, but I only drink it seldom.
#8 Posted by Toph_Girl250 (48426 posts) -
Huh, looks like I'm the only one that chose milk. Can't go wrong with chocolate.
#9 Posted by dancingbeatle (20951 posts) -
I'm not really much for soda given if it's too carbonated. Usually I'll just drink water, tea and sometimes coffee.
#10 Posted by valereth85 (3456 posts) -
I am going to sound like an alcoholic because I voted for alcohol, but I am not. I do like beer, and I like sampling all different flavors of it
#11 Posted by PolskaKing (39592 posts) -
Vodka... horgen123
This guy. *Points and laughs* ...Me too...