gaming ID databse v2

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the last one didn't let me update the first post, so here is a new one for any new id's we receive.

////last update 9/26/13\\\\

here you can post you gaming ID's such as gamertags, psn id's, wii friend codes, etc. I will update the first post with new users and ID's as they are posted. this list will be ordered alphabetically by gamespot username.


jediknight52501: UGC Jedi Master

leon2365: I0I0II000

Noteldnep: PenskeFan

The_Last_Ride: Andredal


jediknight52501: Creepy_Crandall

leon2365: I0I0II000

Noteldnep: KBandBKFan

PolskaKing: D_Stanczyk

Ravenous_Joker: RavenousJoker

The_Last_Ride: The_Last_Ride992

Wii Friend Code:

Steam ID:

jediknight52501: jediknight52501

leon2365: I0I0II000

PolskaKing: Stanczyk

The_Last_Ride: The_Last_Ride992


PolskaKing: DStanczyk

The_Last_Ride: The_Last_Ride992


The_Last_Ride: The_Last_Ride

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never mind this one doesn't either. so ill make a new thread to work around this.