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no need to punish them. just make a separate list for current users and old users.

i wouldn't oppose to that

finally something that doesn't strike a chord. :P

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Yeah, but that is non intrusive

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well at this point, it is either getting done, or has been abandoned.

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But then we would have to determine who is still active enough to be on the list. I assume that those who only post occasionally would be on the list?

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yes. people who at least occasionally post would be on the list. people who post maybe once a month would be on the "inactive list."

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I hope Paper can fix the list

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like I said. either they are working on it, or they abandoned the project.

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Paper said he was working on it

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then all that is needed is patience. it will get done eventually. hopefully sooner rather than later.

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All of the users on the new list, if it gets an update, will have lost quite a bit on the post count side.

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That is true, but it's nice if the list is updated though

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so far, you are the only one persistently asking for an update. good luck.

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well paper said he would do it, and he does it when he says so

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sounds good. hopefully it gets done soon for you then.

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You will have to start bugging me on Facebook LTR or something, because I keep forgetting. :P

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So we got now a 2 million posts user. When did this happen? lol

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it happens. take your time.

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@papermariofan57 said:

You will have to start bugging me on Facebook LTR or something, because I keep forgetting. :P

i just posted messages in your inbox :P