Zelda Wii U and Hyrule Warriors: R.I.P. PS4, Xbox One and PC

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Wii U has won. R.I.P. PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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damn. i guess that's it then.

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nothing is saving the Wii U

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Zelda U has no information released and Hyrule Warriors is basically Dynasty Warriors, which I'm sure the other consoles will get at some point. The Wii U just isn't going to beat its competition.

Don't do this. This is worse than the PS4 and X1 threads, at least they have a chance, even if the bickering is futile-- and irritating.

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@CrownKingArthur said:

damn. i guess that's it then.

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Yet, I'm still not buying a WiiU and loving my PS4.

I guess WiiU didn't win.

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lol samanthademeste .only the highest quality threads

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So, this is why Wii U is worst selling console of all time..

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At least use Smash Bros instead of Hyrule Warriors...

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@samanthademeste said:

Wii U has won. R.I.P. PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Love my wiiu

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R.I.P my eyes too

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@FreedomFreeLife said:

So, this is why Wii U is worst selling console of all time..



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Reskinned dynasty warriors has one the system wars? You heard it here first, I guess.

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Wii U has won. R.I.P. PS4, Xbox One and PC.

2 years left for Wii U , after that itll be in life support like Wii did before premature death occurs once again ... Have fun while you can

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R.I.P my eyes too

Hmm didnt know they still doing N64 games?

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RIP, good threads.

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damn. i guess that's it then.

Pretty much. Who would have known?

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This is better than UC4 and The Order. Cows are jelly now.

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bruh, the graphics in hyrule warriors are ugly as shit

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Having a (hopefully) great exclusive like Zelda (among some others) means Nintendo consoles go from "completely worthless" to "worth getting as a secondary system". They still lose to Xbox, Playstation and PC, all of which are worthy main/primary/only systems. The special exceptions and rock bottom standards people have for Nintendo never cease to amaze me.

And obviously LOL at Hyrule Warriors. Dynasty Warriors 8 last year = 68 Metascore. Team Ninja's latest abortion = 43 to 50 Metascore, depending on platform. Why do Sheep insist on hyping games from shoddy developers? *flashback to the ridiculous and hilarious hype for The Conduit and High Voltage Software on the Wii*

Of course, I could be wrong and it could be an epic game... but I'll need to hear that from reputable reviewers before I believe it. Not Ninty fansites, fanboys and 9GN.

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TC has a point.

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I guess System Wars just ended.

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@samanthademeste: First time sheeps saw Zelda with somewhat good graphics and shit their pants ... But but but ... hardware/power doesnt matter ... You little hypocrites !!

You go as far as to start trolling and declare win when in reality the future of Wii U will be 2 years to get into life support and 3-4 to officialy die. So get ready the RIP stone ! You will need it first and you know it !

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@Telekill said:

Yet, I'm still not buying a WiiU and loving my PS4.

I guess WiiU didn't win.

I guess it's fun not having games as long as it has the PS brand to it.

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Haha wow straight to the point. Can't be more System Wars than that. :P

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Flawless logic, TC.

(I'm actually excited for Hyrule Warriors though)

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TC has a point.

Boobs always win. Nintendo knows, that's why they funded Bayonetta 2.


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Wow zelda U looks so good almost like an updated wind waker HD, fuck crysis and watch dogs and all others games on PC hell fuck blood borne and sunset overdrive clearly Zelda U is the future.

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Hyrule Warriors is a dynasty warriors game so...I expect nothing good there.

And zelda U is YEARS away. So yeah....it's all about Captain Toad in 2014!!

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Hyrule Warriors is looking fucking awful tc. If this game scores higher than a 6/10, which is usually what Dynasty Warriors games score, then it's pretty much confirmed that Nintendo franchises get free passes from reviewers.

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nothing is saving the Wii U

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Fakeboy alert.

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Blew my mind. 100% convinced.

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You should come up with a bit more of a compelling argument other than this next time.