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Segamaster system (i was like 2 when i had that ) (alix kid FOR THE WIN)
Snes/nes, (i had the both cant remeber how i even got them but i grew up with em)
N64 (goldeneye for the win)
Ps1 (about here i started to lose intrest in gaming) (tenchu,gta,re1,2,3,crash Bee 2)
Ps2 (mmm i seen gta 3 getting played at a freinds house man i have never been so Jelis(sp ?) i wanted it so dam bad but it was around the time of GTA Vice city i got a ps2 )
Xbox 360 (for the win i play so many AAA games on it, it brings fun fun fun)
Gamecube (Reremake ftw)

oh yeh i bought a PSP instead of a xbox 360 lol............ biggest mastake you can ever make

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NES (duck hunt ftw)

Snes + PC (ftw)

N64 (Perfect dark and smash brothers FTW)

GC (Smash again ftw_)

PS2 (MGS and GOW ftw)


Wii (Lack of appealing games for me FTL but Smash FTW)

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NES rip-off (loved super mario)

skipped the 16 bit era

Gameboy (gamming goodness on the go)

PS1 (i loved MGS and FF 7 back then)

Gameboy color (more gamming goodness on the go.. but this time in colour)

PS2 (loved the variety)

gameboy advance (even more gamming goodness on the go)

PSP (i cant talk about it here...)

360 (the best software this gen, the worst hardware this gen)

PC( one system to rule them all)

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NES-> SNES-> PSX+N64-> Ps2 -> Ps3+360
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I doubt I'd put this topic under SW. It might work better under General Gaming Discussion.

As to your question:

First game system was NES when I was about 3. Followed by Gameboy, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32X, SNES, N64, Playstation, Dreamcast, Playstation 2, GBA, Gamecube, Xbox360, PSP, Playstation 3.

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NES -> Megadrive -> SNES -> PS -> N64 -> GC -> PS2 -> Xbox 360 -> Wii

I also bought some other consoles like the Virtual Boy and Dreamcast, but that was way after they died out.
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Jaguar (mmmm checkered flag) Turbo Grafx 16 (Bonk is the man) Sega Genesis (Phantasy Star [OG, before it turned into crappy online game]) PC (Mystery) PS2 (Sure did love me some suikoden) PC
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Magnavox Oddesey 2


Atari 2600


Atari 5200

Commodore vic 20

Commodore 64

Commodore 128

Commodore Amiga



PC engine (imported)

Sega 32x/CD


Sega Saturn







Xbox 360



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Atari 2600 (I don't know when we got it I just know it was after the crash and games were cheap)

NES (I got it Christmas of 1988 I was 2 years old)

Genesis/Mega Drive (I got it on December 25th 1992 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was bundled with it)

SNES (Got it on December 25th 1994)

PS1 (Got it on December 24th 1997)

N64 (Got it on December 17th 1998 That year I got Yoshi's Story)

GB Color (Got it in Summer of 2001)

Dreamcast (Got it on December 24th 2001)

PS2 (Got it in Febuary 2002)

GCN (Got it on December 24th 2004)

GBAsp (Got it on December 24th 2005)

Xbox 360 (Got it on November 18th 2006)

Wii (Got it on November 19th 2006)

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vic 20


commodore 64

master system


mega drive






ds lite



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Mega Drive

Master system (yeah bought it after)

Game Boy (mario bros is excellent)

Com'64 and Atari something or other (found in Aunts loft)

Saturn (Sega fans will say they love it, but it's a hugely over rated system)

N64 (My favourate console)

Playstation (Bought it due to my friend nagging me about FFVII- Ironically bought VIII instead)

Gameboy Color (Pokemon Yellow)

Gamecube (best near launch game ever in the form of SSBM)

Playstation 2 (Slow burner for me. It only picked up a year or two after I bought it)

Xbox (I found it to be a graphical beast, but its library hugely generic. Picked up A LOT when I purchased live and Halo 2)

dreamcast (bought it at a hugely discounted price. Loved Shenmue)

Gameboy Advance SP (meh, bought it for pokemon. Sexy looking, hugely boring library)

Gaming PC (updated for Half Life 2. i'm glad I did update. Since then I've been playing graphically weak games like Monkey Island =/)

DS (bought on launch day. like the ps2 this had an appaling launch and has now picked up a lot)

Xbox 360 (Most played of my current gen. Hate the focus on online play. thank God for Mass Effect)

Wii (pretty much untouched apart from mario and wii sports)

PSP (Pretty much untouched. Really boring to me)

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Pong- (At my friends house)

Atari 2600/Colecovision- (very young, can't seem to remember which games were on which system, damn you ET)

NES- (Super Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Punch Out, Final Fantasy, great time for me)

Genesis- (Altered Beast, NHL 92 93 94 95, Shining Force, Golden Axe)

Super NES- (Street Fighter 2, Final Fantasy 2 {4}, Turtles in Time)

Turbographix- (Bonk, Bonks Revenge, Legendary Axe, that weird Alien Pinball game)

The following timeline may be scewed, as I was....also....scewed...

3DO- (Worst system ever)

Nintendo 64- (Hell yeah, my favorite games, Mario 64, Zelda OOT, SSB, Mario Kart 64, Gauntlet, God so many...)

PS1- (Diablo, Hot Shots, meh wasn't impressed)

PS2- (Cool, graphics in games are really starting to look good)

PS3- (Awesome, I'm blown away by this gen, can't wait to see what's in store for the future)

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NES - Super Mario / Contra / tennis / Metroid / Ice climbers etc

Mega Drive (Genesis) - Sonic games / Shinobi / Mortal Kombat II / Fifa Soccer etc

Sega Game Gear - Sonic / Shinobi / Hulk / After Burner

PS1 - Too many to list

PS2 - Again too many to list

PSP - Currently playing GOW / Patapon / Castlevania

PS3 - Currently playing DMC4 / Army of Two / COD4 / Orange Box / Fifa08

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Snes- Greatest console of all time

N64- Splitscreen MP and Smash brother FTW

GC- HUGE dissapointment

360- Great FPS and alright WRPG's pretty dissapointing

Wii- 2nd greatest console I have ever played so many amazing titles SSBB FTW :D

DS- only had one for 2 months b4 I "misplaced" it.

Edit: the above systems I have owned the ones Im listing are the ones my brother have owned:

Dreamcast: overatted garbage

Ps1- Horrible graphics with terrible games

ps2- SOCOM was the only game worth playing

GBA - Top handheld hands down FF tactics FTW

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Atari 2600 (River Raid)

NES (Bionic Commando)


Tubrografx-16 CD (Bonk's Adventure)

Jaguar (Aliens vs Predator)

N64 (WWF No Mercy)


DC (Soul Calibur)

Xbox (KOTOR)

PS2 (Star Ocean)

PC (BF1942/Civ3)

GC (RE4)

GBA (Pokemon Puzzle)

DS (New Super Mario Bros)

Xbox360 (Mass Effect)

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My first console was 8bit sega. I really dont remember much from those times just few games. Then came the 16bit sega and it was great. Its the console which really got me into gaming. We got a saturn but it flopped and we didnt get many games on it. I still play it once in a while because it has some really nice 2d games.

-97 I got my PS1. I have like a zillion games for it and its my fav console of all time. I also got a PS2 later on but I had already tasted PC gaming and it just took me with it.

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atari 2600 - meh, memory vague on this

genesis - sonic 1/2/3/knuckles, golden axe, streets of rage, altered beast, xmen2

PS1 - tombraider1/2/3/4 MGS, GT2, Dino Crisis, RE2 THPS1/2

GBC - Pokemon Yellow/Silver , Zelda OoS/OoA/LA,

N64 - DK64, SM64, MK64, SSB, Pokemon Stadium 2, WWF games, Zelda, goldeneye

PS2 - MGS 2,3, GTA3/VC/SA, THPS4/Thug, FFX/FFXII, DBZ b1/2/3

GBA - Pokemon Ruby/Green

Xbox - DOA3, COD, Crimson Skies, NG: Black, KOTOR, gaylo 1/2

DS - SM64, THAS, NSMB, Pokemon:D, Zelda: PH,

PC - alot of SNES/GBA games, hl, starcraft, sc3000,

Wii - alot of gamecube games, Z:TP, MP3, SMG, Z&W, RE4, NMH, SSBB, SPM

#20 Posted by SumerianDaemon (865 posts) -


PS2-(simply the best)

PC-(for the best FPS's,especially for Half-Life)

PS3-(Bought June 2 2007-Really excited since its just beginning to shine!)

#21 Posted by mingo123 (9005 posts) -

Genesis-->GBC-->GBA-->PS2-->xbox-->GC-->DS-->PSP-->Xbox 360-->PS3

DS and PSP sold..all others i still have

#22 Posted by Panzer_Zwei (15442 posts) -
Atari 2600 > NES > Master System > Mega Drive > SNES > Mega-CD > Saturn > Turbo Duo > Nomad > Neo*Geo CD > PS > PC > Arcade > Dreamcast > Neo*Geo Pocket Colour > N64 > PS2 > GC > Xbox > NDS > Xbox 360 >...
#23 Posted by Rigga911 (2429 posts) -




Gameboy Color


Sega Genesis

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Gameboy (loved those early 90's games)

SNES (Super Mario World and other games rule)

Sega Genesis (Sonic, Columns, Road Rash)

N64 (so much fun with friends. best console ever)

Gameboy Color (Pokemaaaaaannnnsssss)

PS2 (Kingdom Hearts FTW)

Gamecube (fun fun games)

Dreamcast (traded bunch of games to my friend for it. wasnt very good idea)

GBA SP (hardly used it)

DS (traded my SP for it. great handheld)

Wii (Brawlaxy FTW)

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Atari 2600

ColecoVision (smurfs)

NES (mario, castlvania, turtles2,, double dragon 2, etc.)

Genisis (sonic, street fighter, altered beast)



sega CD

Gameboy, gamegear





neo geo pocket


Neo Geo Gold




Xbox 360



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  1. nes-mario 1-3, ninja turtles 2-3, that track running game
  2. gameboy-mario,wario,zelda,pokemon
  3. snes-mario rpg, ff3, peace keepers
  4. ps-ff7-9,crash 1-3, mgs, ff tactics, megaman legends
  5. gbc-mario golf, zelda, pokemon
  6. ps2-ff 10-12,kh 1-2, mgs 2-3
  7. n64-mario,zelda,ssb
  8. gba-ff4-6,mario advance 1-4, golden sun 1-2
  9. gc-not to found of
  10. gba sp
  11. sega genesis/cd-sonic games
  12. nes toploader
  13. ds-mario63, ff3, kirby
  14. psp-ff tactics, gurumin, megaman x
  15. gba sp2
  16. gba micro
  17. ds lite
  18. wii-mario galaxy
  19. ps3-resistance, uncharted, ngs, heavenly sword
  20. 360 elite-gears, lost odyssey, blue dragon
  21. psp slim
  22. pc-dunno where that falls in timeline-counterstrike, the specialist, wow
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C64 - Sooo many games, sooo many bad games, but I loved it

Sega Master System - Alex Kidd, 3D glasses and some space shooter, only had few games but they were good

Amiga 500 - Played it A LOT despite at first only having black & white image

Mega Drive(Genesis) - Afterburner, Sonic etc. And my first experience with a RPG

SNES - Donkey Kong ruled in graphics and gameplay

PC - Duke Nukem 3D and Wing Commander IV changed gaming for me, it became a passion and a hobby

N64 - Loved Zelda and M64, nothing else interested so I dumbed it

PS1 - Only had it shortly to play GT, it was good but didn't live up to PC

New PC - After playing Max Payne at friend's I sold my moped and bought a new PC, loved it, my best gaming memories are from it, and I still have it in its upgraded form

Another New PC - Loving it, but don't play as much as I used to