Your favorite shooter combatwise

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Which is your favorite shooter combatwise and why?

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TF2 and Halo Reach, cuz awesomeness.

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1st person? BF4. 3rd person? Maybe Gears or Vanquish.

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Modern Warfare 3, because it's the king.

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RAGE has amazing combat for a fps. The enemies act accordingly to getting shot. Killzone 2 and 3 have satisfying shooting too.

As for a tps, probably Binary Domain.

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Third person shooter best franchise ever SOCOM 1-2 and Con. the legacy lives on with H-Hour Worlds Elite!!!

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Far Cry 3. I love the vehicle combat on the second island (mercenaries). I especially Iove running the mercs off a cliff or off a bridge while driving the truck. Running like hell when I encounter a jeep with a heavy machine gun. I also find the quips uttered by the mercs to be very amusing. Makes killing em just the more satisfying. He He.

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Battlefield 3/4 for first person and Max Payne 3 for third person.

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Still FEAR, nothing else compares to how satisfying it is to shoot guns in that game. Praying Monolith makes another retail shooter soon.

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My favourites in terms of combat would be:

FPS: Unreal Tournament 2004

TPS: Vanquish

2D: Metal Slug series


Rail: The House of the Dead III

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Killzone 2

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best shooting ever? FEAR 1

Current? BF4

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3rd person : Vanquish

rail : sin and punishment 2

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First Person: Battlefield 3

Third Person: A tie between Uncharted 2 and Tomb Raider (2013)

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Stalker and bioshock infinite for single player

Unreal tournament 2k4 for multiplayer

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MGs4 (when not using the auto aim)

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for fps killzone 2 and brothers in arms 1,

that cover system in k2 was beyond dope,

and actual tactics and the weapons felt accurate in bia 1.......

3rd person would be max payne 3

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TPS: TLoU (easily)...

FPS: that'd still have to go to Halo: CE

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Counter-Strike, F.E.A.R., and the new Shadow Warrior.

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Counter Strike GO has the most satisfying gameplay just simply because every gun feels unique, and there is so much skill and finesse required to be proficiently good at using them. On top of that it's just a well-made game. I don't know a multiplayer shooter that comes close to requiring the same amount of strategy, and teamwork that competitive CS:GO takes.

But the most satisfying gun play specifically is Killing Floor. That game is video games in their best form.

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Shadow of Chernobyl, FEAR, and Counter-Strike