Your favorite gaming sites/publications?

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I like Polygon for their articles and commentary. Most sites just deliver news, they don't really write anything worth reading. For reviews, I stick to metacritic, amazon reviews, and even youtube. GS I use pretty much for the forums, where I get a lot of gaming news because everyone just copy/pastes news from other sites/forums lol. IGN is kinda bleh, I've been using them less and less. Game Informer online is not bad, kind of like Polygon. You?

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IGN for reviews on games, tv, movies. Also their community always has great sense of humor. Gamespot mainly for forums and occasional reviews.

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I did prefer gamespot before they placed a lot more emphasis on video commentary. I like reading. I also use Polygon and read Amazon reviews.

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Gameinformer a few years ago magazine wise, IGN solely for their TV/Movie reviews and I do miss the 05-07 Gamespot.

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classic game room and racketboy

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I like Angry Joe and Classic Game Room, as well as NintendoLife. I've pretty much stopped reading Gamespot and IGN reviews.

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IGN is superior for everything except forums.

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IGN is the main site I use for news, videos, reviews, etc. The only reason I use GameSpot is for the forums. I'll usually look at their review scores as well, but I feel like they don't really have the level of personality the IGN reviewers have which make their reviews more interesting. I also feel like GameSpot is becoming more and more an "activist" review site. They definitely push a feminist agenda which I think is annoying when I just want a review for a darn video game. The main thing I think is holding IGN back as far as reviews go is they have fanboy reviewers on all three sides (Colin/Greg for PlayStation, Ryan/Mitch for Xbox, and Jose/Brian for Nintendo).

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I get most of my reviews from youtubers. TotalBiscuit is amazing

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Eurogamer, Destructoid, Angry Joe and Zero Punctuation tend to have the most honest reviews out there. I don't base my purchases on them (I buy maybe one to two new games a year, so a lot of research goes into what they are about, beyond other's impressions of them) but they are entertaining to read/watch and offer some usually good insight into the games.

Extra Credits is also fantastic for everything gaming related.

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Reviews I usually go to several sites but what I mainly like on GS is the Gamespot Gameplay podcasts with Kevin VanOrd/Tom McShea/etc. - definitely the most interesting part of the site (and any McShea haters should listen to the podcasts, it'll change your opinion of him).

metacritic is good for looking at aggregate scores

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While i dont take online reviews seriously i always keep an eye on what IGN thinks of a game ( to have an idea ) as they have better reviewers than GS.

for community chatting and news related i use GameSpots System Wars and in regards to anything Japan, PlayStation, PSN sales and JRPGs i use Dualshocker, Siliconera and PSBlog

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GameSpot and IGN

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Eww Giantbomb is crap now, maybe back when it first came out when it had a decent layout but now....ugh

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In terms of news/getting info any of them, but common one is Neogaf. That forum community always tends to dig up cool information on stuff.

On a general I go for their video content, their E3 coverage, their podcasts, and their workers in general=Giantbomb. It's not even close.

In terms of reviews? none of them.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Kill Screen Daily as I have a friend that writes there, Eurogamer (though it's been in abit of a decline) and I've been liking Polygon as time goes on.

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I go to ign and joystiq for geniral gaming news.Review wise I pretty much go everywhere.Though I find myself using youtube more for non known reviews since sometimes they wont be as strict or jaded as others.

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Gamespot is the only site I go to on a regular basis, mainly for the forums... also Game Rankings.

As for magazines, I'm currently subscribed to GameInformer & the Aussie Playstation mag.

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Gamespot. For forums. Mainly because of blogs(soapbox) but now it kinda sucks.

Gamefaqs. For faqs.

Giantbomb. For reviews. I honestly think they need more. Don't like the forums.

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Classic Game Room

GoNintendo (although I don't have an account there, I made a couple submissions)

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This one.