You own PS4, Xbox One or both?

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Posted by FreedomFreeLife (2648 posts) 11 months, 6 days ago

Poll: You own PS4, Xbox One or both? (121 votes)

I own only Playstation 4 47%
I own only Xbox One 17%
I own both Playstation 4 and Xbox One 34%

I wanna know how many owns how many consoles. Dident add Wii because Nintendo talk is dead in system war.

#1 Posted by finalstar2007 (25341 posts) -

I own none of them but i will get a PlayStation 4 the moment i see one in store.. its been sold out since November :/

#2 Posted by RimacBugatti (1287 posts) -

I own both but not playing Xbone as of right now.

#3 Posted by The_Last_Ride (72999 posts) -

i have a PS4 from launch

#4 Posted by getyeryayasout (7762 posts) -

360, PS3, and a PS4 which I'm playing Strider HD on. Great game.

#5 Posted by gameofthering (10367 posts) -

I own neither.

Two of my friends have the PS4, so that's the only one I played, since nobody has an XBone or WiiU.

#6 Edited by -Snooze- (7304 posts) -

Playstation 4 for me. It gets zero playtime however. It's mostly useless

#7 Edited by AzatiS (7721 posts) -

PC / PS4 is the best combo , and if you have spare money just buy a Wii U

#8 Posted by IamAdorable (402 posts) -


#9 Posted by Doom_HellKnight (12204 posts) -

PS4. Tempted to get an Xbox One when my bonus lands next month, but we'll see.

#10 Posted by Gatman32 (442 posts) -

I have both, I feel bad for people that bash other consoles. You get the best of both worlds when you own both.

#11 Posted by bobbetybob (19296 posts) -

Neither, I'll get a PS4 some point next year probably.

#12 Edited by GiantAssPanda (1609 posts) -

Neither. I have a PC that's about as powerful as a PS4. And a PS3. Once PS4 has enough exclusives I can't play on my PC I'll get it.

#13 Posted by ShoTTyMcNaDeS (2103 posts) -

I own both. I only play a handful of games a year, but I want that handful to be the best available. I don't want to have to make choices or miss out. Playing Strider HD on my PS4 right now. Looking forward to Infamous SS, MLB The Show 14 and Titanfall in the near future!

#14 Posted by HitmanActual (399 posts) -

I own both but regret getting an Xbone. Haven't played a game on it for about six weeks and I can't see that changing in the near future. Just collects dust although I turn it on a few times each week just to keep it active and blow the cobwebs out.

#15 Posted by undeadgoon (608 posts) -


#16 Posted by ankor77 (1020 posts) -

I own all the consoles and pc. As far as consoles go ive enjoyed my xb1 More so far. The only game ive gotten into so far on ps4 is resogun

#17 Edited by Telekill (4806 posts) -

As it stands now, I only have a PS4 and will only own a PS4 for this gen.

#18 Posted by _Matt_ (8939 posts) -

Just a PS4 of 8th gen currently. I will get the other 2 at some point though.

#19 Edited by yokofox33 (30042 posts) -

I have both, but I don't really play any of them right now. Not too many games for each... I find myself playing with the Wii U more.

#20 Posted by MonsieurX (30863 posts) -


#21 Posted by AppleFan1991 (3129 posts) -

Ps4 since launch, got bored with it and got an Xbox One about 2 weeks ago

#22 Edited by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -

x1 - I get ps4 down the road once I see something cool

#23 Edited by Mystery_Writer (7957 posts) -

both launch edition

#24 Posted by reggy72 (137 posts) -

I brought a PS4 based off all the hype the day after its UK launch, I received an Xbox one as a present from my wife, been playing mainly on the Xbox since I've had it. Bored of the PS4 at the moment, it hasn't been on for around 6 weeks now, it really needs some software that would appeal to me to get me to switch it back on.

#25 Posted by ProjectPat187 (1981 posts) -

I own both, my PS4 is collecting dust until infamous comes out next month, and im only getting that because there are not any other games to play on the PS4. My Xbox one has been getting all the love.

#26 Edited by Zassimick (6777 posts) -

I own a Playstation 4 along with a Wii U.

#27 Posted by brimmul777 (1282 posts) -

Xbox One,and loving it. :)

#28 Edited by Chutebox (37652 posts) -

Own x1, ps4, and wii u

#29 Posted by Shewgenja (9827 posts) -

PS4 and getting a WiiU in a month or two.

#30 Posted by FreedomFreeLife (2648 posts) -

So far 34,5 owns Xbox One and 64,5 owns PS4... No wonder why most gamespot users says that Infamous outsells all games this year...

#31 Posted by I_can_haz (6551 posts) -

PS4+PC here. No need for a FlopBox.

#32 Posted by cainetao11 (18001 posts) -

I recently got an X1. Loving it. Will get a PS4 eventually. Hopefully in April.

#33 Posted by KratosYOLOSwag (756 posts) -

I own a 360 and PS3. Plan on getting a PS4 later this year. The xbone will be the first xbox console I'm not buying.

#34 Edited by MonsieurX (30863 posts) -

@FreedomFreeLife said:

So far 34,5 owns Xbox One and 64,5 owns PS4... No wonder why most gamespot users says that Infamous outsells all games this year...

Old news

#35 Posted by Harisemo (4133 posts) -

Both since launch.

#36 Posted by the330and419 (223 posts) -

This gen has been rough on me already. My goal was to not own multiple consoles. Im getting older and work way too much and dont have the time. So i went with the xbone and it was awesome for about a month. Then i got bored. So i sold the xbone to a buddy at work and bought the ps4. So ive been playing that and loving it. However, i can see myself buying that damn xbone again here soon because i dont know if i can resist titanfall any longer.

#37 Posted by heretrix (37453 posts) -

Neither. Both game libraries are pure ass.

#38 Posted by WitIsWisdom (3809 posts) -

All 3 and a PC.

#39 Posted by starwolf474 (738 posts) -

Right now, I just own Xbox One and Wii U. I cannot justify owning a PS4 yet because it has absolutely no games that I want to play yet; as soon as it gets a game that I want, I'll buy it too. Most likely I'll get it later on this year when The Order: 1886 is released.

#40 Edited by GTSaiyanjin2 (6015 posts) -

both... but I wish I had not bought the xbone. I plan on keeping them both though. You never know the x1 could get an exclusive I like.

#41 Edited by Puggy301 (160 posts) -

PS4 & PC only at the moment. Maybe if MS drops that imbecilic Kinect device (which they'd probably never do) and lowers the price of the X1 a little, I'd consider buying one. I'm a gamer. I want games, not a gimmicky camera/motion detector/voice-command listener/cable box-hooker-upper with pretensions of being ANYTHING else but a gaming system. Gaming should ALWAYS come first and be the primary focus of a video game console manufacturer. Anything else, as cool as it might be, should be of secondary & tertiary importance.

#42 Posted by tyloss (829 posts) -

PS4, Wii U here.

Won't ever buy the Xbox One for it doesn't offer me anything the PS4 does better.

#43 Posted by clone01 (24943 posts) -

XBox One right now...PS4 in the very near future. Thank you work for the bonus! Never expected, always appreciated.

#44 Edited by mrintro (1354 posts) -

Didn't think I would want an X1 but I really enjoyed playing Titanfall on the X1. I actually prefer the X1 controller to the PS4 one. The X1's interface I think is nicer too.

#45 Posted by remaGloohcSdlO (4152 posts) -

Both baby! As well as PS3, 360, 3DS. I sold my Vita last year but regret it and now that I have a PS4 I'm getting one again soon.

Game on!

#46 Posted by lostrib (39186 posts) -

I will take neither for $900

#47 Posted by BigBoss255 (3539 posts) -

I've got a PS4, might pick up a Wii U for Smash Bros.

Not even considering an Xbone.

#48 Posted by lundy86_4 (43754 posts) -

I have yet to buy either. I'm gonna be putting the money aside next week for a PS4, whenever I can get a hold of it/pre-order it.

#49 Posted by happyduds77 (1536 posts) -


Last gen master race

#50 Posted by locopatho (20421 posts) -

WiiU :3 I slate it on here and it is a typical poor Nintendo console, but as always it will get great exclusive games. Enjoying playing Mario 3D World at the mo.

Xbone is a bad console. I won't buy one.

PS4 is a good console. I will buy one, but only when it has some more good exclusives. Trying to move PC for multiplats this gen.