Xenoblade Chronicles X to overhaul how quests were handled

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That's great.

Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii featured a quest log that could quickly become very long and intimidating for some players. For the game’s successor, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Monolith Soft is looking to make “a much more user-friendly experience”.

Executive producer Tetsuya Takahashi told EDGE this month that in the Wii U game, “objectives and relevant people will be displayed on the map.” Monolith Soft is also implementing “a number of other features to help with quests”.

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Good it needed it badly. If it's gonna have quests like a mmorpg it should at least have quest book like one and maybe mark on map where items/enemies can be found

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I think they could learn something from Ni No Kuni although that wasn't perfect either

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Nice to know the information will be better, but that will not fix the main problem with Xenoblade's quantity over quality questing.

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I guess that's good. Sometimes overloading on quests can be overwhelming. Hopefully they make it simple, yet rewarding.

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This is good news.

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great news. Some off the collectibles could only be found for a hour at dawn and in one spot. That was so vague it was near impossible to find.

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I would hope so, they were unbearable in Xenoblade.

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The quest log should have filtered depending on where you were and used a paging system instead of one giant list. Xenoblade badly needed a directional arrow to help you get back to the person who sent you on the quest to get your reward. For many quests, just reporting back was the most difficult part when it never had to be.

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good to know. the sidequests are a weak area for xenoblade. personally i just colleted all the quests in the first game when i saw them. then i would just go out exploring and if i just so happen to complete all those quests then all the better. i never really set out to complete them when playing.

if they can improve that whole side of things for X then good stuff.

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@bunchanumbers said:

great news. Some off the collectibles could only be found for a hour at dawn and in one spot. That was so vague it was near impossible to find.

Yeah, I remember trying to find an item that had a rare drop rate, and spending so long in a particular area hoping it would show up.

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This was sorely needed.

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Nice i guess...i didn't even bother with the majority of the side quest in Xenoblade Chronicles.

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Still sounds bad.

I'd love for it to have an events system similar to Guild Wars 2's stuff - just without its silly hearts. NPC hunting that Xenoblade relied on were rather dull and only ever lead to annoying backtracking or waiting (in the event of an NPC having day/night locations).

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Fine by me. I wasn't entirely crazy with Xenoblade's "quantity > quality" approach to quests.

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This is excellent news. I don't mind the way XBC did quests, but monitoring them was the real hassle. (And having to go to the wiki every time I needed x item,or to find out when y person was available).

I don't know how other MMOs monitor their quest system, but FFXIV isn't much better, asides from its Duty List, which shows all current quests on the HUD. But comparing that to Xenoblade, you're comparing a living breathing world (Xenoblade), to a static world that evolves with character interaction/quest advancement (ffxiv). What do I mean by this? I mean that Xenoblade's NPC had lives of their own and were not stationary, some were only available to talk to during certain times of day. Same with the enemies and collectibles. I like that.

FFXIV on the other hand is stationary. NPCs sit there night and day, don't move. Their life is standing if they aren't helping you with their quest. Such is the style of an MMO.

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This is what makes me happy.

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God I want this game soo bad but knowing Nintendo it will be end of 2015 or some crap :(