XboxOne Cloud and DVR restricted to select games

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As much as Microsoft is trying to push out Adaptive A.I, we think it will mostly be limited to first party games. The disclaimer on the official Microsoft site has also somehow confirmed this. It reads: “Adaptive AI and Game DVR available in supported games”. So you want to find out if a game supports this “Adaptive A.I” or not, take a look at the back of the box to see if it does


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Ok, shrugs - That's up to the devs. The option is there if they want it. Did you read the article TC? Or the talkback below? This troll bait?

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Whats to discuss. Multiplat devs probs will not make two vastly different online experiences for the the same game. Exclusive devs will take advantage of X1's features more readily.

Its pretty obvious.

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What a rip off. So you must pay to use the DVR but it's not guaranteed to be available for all games? I would feel ripped off

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@shawn30: he is trying way to hard to combat that insecurity with sonys online offering. Cliffy my boy

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Well duh its up to devs haha this wins the award for stupidest thread today.

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That video is cringeworthy.

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1080p 60FPS uncompressed master race.

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@shawn30: Listen, no doubt an informed gamer would already put 2-and-2 together and know that cloud gaming and DVR may not go hand-in-hand with every Xbox One game.

That's an informed gamer.

All factions have their own set of braindead. Some of them partake in this forum.

If was really trolling, I would have typed out more in the OP. I simply said, "discuss." I posted the video because the creator posted the link to the article and is a friend of mine.

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The Ps4 will truly have next gen AI without having to requried an internet connection. Lemmings on the other will only get to enjoy next gen AI if they are connected to the internet 24/7.

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The adaptive ai yea, it. Must be peoven first from first party. The dvr thing is also possiable limited. As I remeber from sony they said the publishers/devs as the power to disable it or parts in the game that they dont want others see

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How is this any different to them saying "4 players available in select games"? It's just saying that not every game will use that feature. I do wonder what it means for the DVR though, I'm guessing it's probably more to do with spoilers, certain games might block you from recording cutscenes.

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