Xbox One vs Nintendo 64

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Nintendo 64 Vs Xbox One? Fuck off idiot. Let's compare my toaster to my PC, such a fair comparison.

#52 Posted by Gaming-Planet (13998 posts) -

N64 was a great console but SNES>N64


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N64 was the balls.

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Wow, things are so bad for Micosoft that even the N64 owns the Xbone. On a serious note, both systems was released in two differents gens so there's no point comparing. Yes, I know the video is probably a joke vid. The N64 was awesome.

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@charizard1605: N64 would beat the PS4 as well with those same questions. lol!! Now if they asked other questions like XBox One has XBl and Skype and controller that already has rumble included in it, I'm pretty sure the XB1 would win easily. lol!!