Xbox One supports CD playback and DLNA streaming

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TheKingIAm <3 Nintendo

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Cool but i don't really use cds or dlna features in the devices I already have cds are dead to me at this point.

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@TheKingIAm: it's okay to admit it. I know that you think about the big N a lot, but it's starting to become obsessive and people are starting to see through your facade. You really like Nintendo, and it's really OK to like Nintendo. Don't let peer pressure force you to hide who you really are. :)

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Sony seems to play games better while the One has more features added to the system all around outside of gaming. Priorities? What are they?

In reality, there probably are other devices we have that do this stuff. Again, it comes down to whether you want a box that does a whole lot of stuff or a box that primarily focuses on playing games with a tad higher graphics.

Although some Bf4 comparisons are starting to confuse me too because the One seems better sometimes for that game's GFX. IDK. On the fence.

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I have no need for my console to play CDs. I don't have any CDs for it to play anyways.

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Good for them and the future owners of XB1.

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@AmazonTreeBoa: I dont really either. Its just the fact that its a tactic to force you to use their music streaming service that is what bothers me.