Xbox One - Only for Americans. PS4 - for Everyone

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Most Xbox One features are not in Europe. Also, Microsoft still not shipping Xbox One consoles in half of Europe countries because it has no Kinect voice feature yet.

Also most apps, TV shows and store is only for Americans. Those features are not in Europe. Looks like Microsoft is focusing more for USA meanwhile PS4 is for everyone. It´s just a gaming system and all countries has same features(most).

As a european, it´s very simple why PS4 outsells Xbox One. When Americans buys what is cheapest, then European buys what is most quality and powerful. Americans buys also cheapest phones, Europe phones sells crazy that cost most. Same thing with TVs, cars, everything.

Wii U is dead in Europe. Why? Because Nintendo - Europe Region just simply does not exist. Why we want to buy console that is only for USA and Japan region but not Europe? Also Wii U is just too weak(i have all 3 consoles but im saying that most people are saying).

When PS3 came out in Europe and cost 600 euros while Xbox 360 cost 300 euros, then PS3 was still outselling Xbox 360 but not in USA. In USA still most people bought Xbox 360 because of cheap price.

You want region lock, or region stuff to make, we europeans not buying. We love freedom, USA not.

This is why Xbox One and Wii U consoles not selling well in Europe. In short. Europe will not buy Americans stuff. We don´t need America stuff.

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I can't believe you spent time writing all that nonsense...

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As here with the gifs. We can always count on FF.

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I agree with the above posters, this is just the worst thread.

"we dont need America stuff"

Nice job speaking on behalf of the entirety of Europe regarding one of the largest exporters of "stuff" in the world.
I think I may struggle to find this level of stupid elsewhere today.

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Someone is mad the new Corvette beat the crap out of the top of the line Jaguar lol

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Are you trying to see that PlayStation is a global brand whereas Xbox is not? In that case, yes, you are right.

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Someone is mad the new Corvette beat the crap out of the top of the line Jaguar lol

Its made of plastic. lel.

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Freedomfreelife, freedomfreak whats the difference?

also its kinda strange that majority in my country are PC gamers.

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Quiet, spazz.