Xbox One just feels odd to me

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Right from the start, the name Xbox One made me feel very weird. I had no interest in the kinect whatsoever. I don't multitask very well anyways. If I'm watching something, I'll watch and play a game at another time. I don't need that whole integration. And talking to your Xbox.. I just don't know what to say about that. I just want to have a system that comes from a company that is about making good games.

Can they really recover from all the damage? Without the Kinect the Xbox One is nothing special. You are buying an Xbox One without a Kinect, except the reason why Xbox One is named what it is, is because of the Kinect. So that's kinda weird, to buy an Xbox ''One'' without it being an Xbox ''One'' or what we thought it was going to be.

And the Xbox One with the Kinect is nothing really special either. I just care about games, I don't need the other stuff, it's a distraction that most people don't really care about.

So what is the Xbox One then? I have more respect for the Original Xbox and Xbox 360. But Xbox One? Another thing you have to consider is that it will never have better graphics than the PS4. It will never be a better system than the PS4. There really is nothing good about it.

Games... There is nothing good to play on Xbox One. Even if you don't fancy PS4, it's still a better console for multi plats. The only game that looks somewhat decent is maybe Sunset Overdrive. Halo HD collection, I'm not crazy for.. I don't care about remakes that much. Halo 5? Maybe it will be okay... And who knows if Gears of War will be good.

Other than that, why would anyone buy an Xbox One? Why support an unethical company? I really believe that Xbox One was a big cancer to gaming. It did things that are considered ''sins'' in the gaming world.

There is nothing at this moment driving me to buy an Xbox One. I'm not a fan boy. I'll admit the Wii U goofed up too with their gimmick.

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