Xbox One gets a upcoming AAAA 1080p 60ps GOTY

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SODA DRINKER PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soda Drinker Pro, the soda drinking simulator from creator Will Brierly, is coming to Xbox One.

Speaking with Joystiq at PAX East, Brielry says the game will run at 60 fps and 1080p citing the importance of those factors and saying, "We need a pixel-perfect experience with complete fluid dynamics." The game will also have a new drinking through time mode, take advantage of the Kinect, and include Brierly's other game, Vivian Clark. Vivian Clark is an abstract game about a falling droplet of rain water that takes over other objects and animals as it lands on them. You can find more about that game here.

In a press release teasing the reveal of the new-gen Soda Drinker Pro, Brierly wrote, "It's truly an exciting time in the world of Soda Drinking Simulation!"

We spoke in depth with the creator of Soda Drinker Pro at last year's PAX learning his opinion on the video games as art debate, the value of the ESRB, as well as a number of other questions. You can read that interview here.

R.I.P. PC PS4 and Wii U gaming

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Masterpiece. Better than Goat Simulator.

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GOAT of all time. RIP in pieces PooStation Bore.

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See I told you guys Cloud will bring 1080p 60fps to the Xbox One. Cows owned Lmao

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GOAT Simulator is no longer the GOAT

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The question is though, can you drink Mountain Dew?

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wow this is usually the shit developers shovel onto the pc

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I'm over crap games being overhyped for laughs. It was funny once.

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yup i agree RIP ps4

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I've always wanted to drink some soda without having to put that unhealthy substance in my body.

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The sauce is real.

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GOAT confirmed. RIP sony/nintendo

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Wow what a great game coming.. LOL

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if you win do you get diabetes?

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I hope nobody doubts the XB1 power ever again.

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I knew from the thread title it wasn't gonna be good, but geez.

Why would MS even allow that on the platform?

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F**k! Its all over now...

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Magic 2015, Project Totem, Soda Drinker Pro. When Phil Sphincter said he was "all about the games" he wasn't joking. Xbox won.

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Hopefully it is a complete remake with some next-gen Antialiasing and Fog applied.

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I remember when fake-overhyping of obviously terrible games was funny.