Xbox 360 had Xbox Live, what Xbox One has?

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#1 Posted by FreedomFreeLife (3175 posts) -

Well, when there was PS3 and Xbox 360, then some people selected PS3 because of better exclusive games, and some selected Xbox 360 because of better online.

Now people are selecting PS4 because of better exclusive games(will be), more powerful and cheaper but why pick Xbox One?

Does Xbox Live matters anymore? I know Xbox 360 strongest side was Online, Xbox Live, party chat, and kinda stuff but now it feels equal this online system. Does Xbox One has something what PS4 dosent have?

Xbox Live was one big reason why people selected Xbox 360 but now PS4 and Xbox One online is same... or not?

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You can't Xbox Live Gold is required.

#3 Posted by FreedomFreeLife (3175 posts) -

PS3(strongest games, weakest online)

Xbox 360(weakest games, strongest online)

PS4 has strongest games but also same good online. What Xbox One has now?

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Kinect is the difference. Whether or not it lives up to it's potential remains to be seen.