Xbone DogFood O/S?

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A very scared user posted: "A few days ago my xbox one booted up and in the bottom left corner it read"........dogfoodv4...." Etc. I don't know the exact text that was on screen but I do know The term dogfood is used by developers. It's a beta or even alpha version of software. As a consumer I KNOW this should not be on my xbox. I have in no way attempted to manipulate my xbox in getting it on my HD. So the reason I bring this up. When in dogfood my xbox does not play games. It started with madden. Right when I started a gam everything froze. Then battlefield, then need for speed nba live. I really thought it was EA/dice servers. But then I played assassins creed and the game loaded but in game play was a disaster. So I hard re booted my xbox and the dogfood v4 went away thus fixing all my games. I know some people believe madden works WITHOUT the update. But I think some people don't know that dogfood is running and preventing. I turned my xbox on and off and almost every time it started in dogfood. Please fix!!!!"

Xbone reps are aware of the problem:

"G'day all!

Just so you know, we are aware that a few consoles are showing Dogfood and the right teams are investigating. I've added this thread to our notes so we can update you when we have more info. Thanks for letting us know that you're experiencing this; we'll get it sorted out!"

I know I'm hesitant on booting up my Xbone now :S

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I have to worry about dog food appearing hahaha. its probably the name of a server or something. IT geeks like to give stupid names to computers and such.

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Red Ring of Dogfood.

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I actually came in here expecting to read some kind of smart app that somehow help feed your dog.... lawl.

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I wonder why they called the OS dogfood? Is it because they'll eventually scrap it and start anew?

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I wonder why they called the OS dogfood? Is it because they'll eventually scrap it and start anew?

Dogfooding is the term that almost all tech companies use to describe using their own products internally--they are usually newer, unstable versions used to find bugs and stuff.

This is probably an issue where this console's ID accidentally got added to a whitelist for the internal dogfood and so the update was redirected to the wrong spot. It was probably just a typo because the person trying to add this to the Dogfood was probably typing it manually and probably made a typo.

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Funny because the console itself is dogshit.

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The greatest console on earth does everything including feeding man's best friend. The One just gets better and better.