Would you want uncharted trilogy remastered for PS4?

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#1 Posted by idill23 (1135 posts) -

do you think it will happen/do you even want one?

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#3 Posted by charizard1605 (60716 posts) -

Yeah, actually. I'd take it. All three games remastered, sold for $60 would be a hell of a deal.

Might be a good way to stir up even more interest in the franchise in the lead up to Uncharted 4.

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Shadow Charted trilogy? The low price of 60 bones!

#5 Posted by smashed_pinata (3290 posts) -

they are already in the works i bet.

#6 Posted by handssss (1898 posts) -

If they do, I kinda would like Uncharted 2's MP to be how it was at launch. I preferred that to how it was after the changes they did and Uncharted 3's MP (of course I didn't play them all THAT much)

I'd be cool with it. And most of my friends I game with on ps4 never had a ps3, so they'd be able to play the games for the first time.

#7 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (18000 posts) -

Ofcourse its going to happen ! Now whether thats a good idea or not is an entirely different matter.

#8 Posted by lostrib (41844 posts) -

@b4x: what are you trying to prove with this?

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I think it will happen and I couldn't care less about that mediocre-at-best franchise.

#10 Posted by bbkkristian (14967 posts) -

@charizard1605: $60? You can buy them all for $30.

#11 Posted by B4X (5660 posts) -

Not a fan. BC or shove it.

#12 Posted by Telekill (5025 posts) -

Upgraded graphics and continued support for the online co-op sections? Yeah, I'd pay up as it's my favorite series.

A straight port though? No, I'd pass.

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@bbkkristian: I know, I was quoting a price for the remastered collection. $60 for three remastered games is fair.

@Pikminmaniac: Uncharted? Mediocre? LOL

#14 Posted by edwardecl (2239 posts) -

I think they should remaster all the UC games, add them as a box set complete with UC4 and sell it as the complete series with maybe £20 added to the complete price.

#15 Posted by B4X (5660 posts) -

Contact the National Guard!


#16 Posted by SolidGame_basic (19065 posts) -

It's going to happen. I would get it, but not for $60

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@charizard1605: From my point of view, Uncharted 2 was a collection of terrible game design choices. I personally consider it a complete mess (there is a laundry list of terrible ideas). I even use it as an example of what not to do when making a game at this point. Naughty Dog really redeemed themselves with the Last of Us though. That game actually does some brilliant stuff.

#18 Posted by foxhound_fox (90500 posts) -

Why not?

There is no way to play the games on the PS4 otherwise... and apparently there are likely tons of people who never played them.

@charizard1605 said:

@Pikminmaniac: Uncharted? Mediocre? LOL

It's true.

#19 Posted by jsmoke03 (13113 posts) -

i would for like $40

#20 Posted by lostrib (41844 posts) -

@Pikminmaniac: yeah, but it has like set pieces and stuff.

#22 Posted by charizard1605 (60716 posts) -

@Pikminmaniac: From your point of view, alright that's fine, I won't argue opinions, or personal preferences and biases. Nonetheless, Uncharted, especially Uncharted 2, is an exceptionally well made series of games, even if what it does does not appeal to you, and so far one of the strongest cases made for narrative fusion with gameplay (i.e. cinematic gameplay). I cannot fathom someone playing Uncharted 2 and not enjoying it, even if they didn't personally think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, as the hype would often have you believe.

@foxhound_fox It's true based on what, exactly? By any objective metric and standpoint, Uncharted is a very high quality well produced series of games. Now if you're going to argue the franchise is on average mediocre because the quality of its games varies wildly (Uncharted 3 and Golden Abyss being shit), I would say, sure, but you know what other franchise is mediocre, then? Metroid.

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@charizard1605 said:
Uncharted is a very high quality well produced series of games.

"Games" would be stretching the term. They are more like interactive action movies. Uncharted 2 is just a bunch of set pieces strung together with a roller coaster. It's fun, sure, but it's not an outstanding game.

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No thank you. Played them on ps3. Get me original games on the ps4, not remasters or collections. We did those last Gen.

#25 Posted by charizard1605 (60716 posts) -

@foxhound_fox: Okay, so here's what we are getting at. You're admitting Uncharted is well produced and great at what it does. Simultaneously, you are also expressing personal distaste for the kind of game that Uncharted is. So the conclusion we get at here is, Uncharted is in fact well made and fun (i.e. the opposite of 'mediocre') but the kind of game it is does nothing for you and is not to your personal preference, which is great and fine, and totally understandable! Just don't conflate personal bias with objective quality. You may not like it, but Uncharted as it stands is anything but mediocre.

#26 Posted by coasterguy65 (6218 posts) -

I don't know if I would spend the money to play the games with slightly upgraded graphics. I guess it depends on the price. That being said, I would be amazed if it isn't already in production.

#27 Posted by delete-EasyComeEasyGo (382 posts) -

If Naughty Dog wanted to do that, then what's the point of having PS Now? Sony is trying to see if Now is a good idea then having to do a lot of Remastering every PS games and and I'm not trying to defend PS Now as we all know it's poor value, and I say no to Uncharted 1-3 Remastered, I want them to focus on A Thief's End and they need to stay on course with 1080p/60fps. Also I did heard that there was suppose to be Beyond: Two Souls coming to PS4 and I never play it but I did play Heavy Rain.

#28 Posted by mems_1224 (48307 posts) -

no, because sony remakes are half assed.

#29 Posted by foxhound_fox (90500 posts) -

@charizard1605: It is an objectively bad game. It is an objectively good interactive action movie.

Quit acting like you are the opinion police. We are free to come into any thread and express an opinion. While I thought Uncharted 2 was fun (the first game was not only a chore to play, but incredibly boring) it wasn't a great game, nor was it really that "great" at what it did. It was good at what it did, nor was it that exceptionally well made. It was no where near the polish as say a Nintendo game.

#30 Posted by charizard1605 (60716 posts) -

@foxhound_fox: I'm not the opinion police, quite the contrary. In the posts that you are replying to, I've said it twice so far, fell free to have an opinion and hate whatever you want for whatever reason you want, I really don't care. I care about misinformation and facts, which are independent of how you think about things. Uncharted happens to be a game, no matter how much personal anguish this may cause you. Moreover, it happens to be an exceptionally well made game, that achieves exactly what it set out to achieve, and does it extremely well. Again, the issue here is not Uncharted's quality, the issue is that what it does isn't to your own taste, and doesn't fall within your expectations of a game. Which, to restate for, what, the third time now, is fine, you're free to feel whatever you feel. But that doesn't change the fact that independent of your own distaste for it, Uncharted exists, and it does what it does extremely well.

#31 Posted by getyeryayasout (8307 posts) -

I've played the series to death on PS3, so personally I wouldn't be interested. I would, however, be okay with it existing as a trilogy in one remastered package for anyone who hasn't had a chance to play the series before.

#32 Posted by cainetao11 (19056 posts) -

I made a thread about a Sony exec saying they are going to keep doing remasters. Do you really doubt there will be one before uncharted 4?

#33 Posted by foxhound_fox (90500 posts) -

@charizard1605 said:

Moreover, it happens to be an exceptionally well made game, that achieves exactly what it set out to achieve, and does it extremely well.

That's subjective. The gunplay, animations and level design aren't necessarily top-end. In fact, I thought they were quite... well, mediocre. As a sum of it's parts, Uncharted 2 was a fun 12 hour romp. Other than that, it didn't have much going for it.

Being well received critically doesn't make it a well made game.

#34 Posted by cainetao11 (19056 posts) -

@charizard1605: " Just don't conflate personal bias with objective quality. You may not like it, but Uncharted as it stands is anything but mediocre."

That eliminates about 80% of the posts here daily char

#35 Posted by shadiezz2012 (2452 posts) -

sure why not

make them 1080p/60fps and put the games on CD for 60$ and i will buy it

#36 Posted by slimdogmilionar (683 posts) -

As someone whose played the series I'd say no. But since according to Sony they have a lot of wii and xbox converters, it would be a good way to get those people caught up on the story and interested in the game before Uncharted 4 comes out.

#38 Posted by parkurtommo (27627 posts) -

If they were bundled like Char's idea. Yes. If separate, hell to the no.

#39 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (6889 posts) -

I'd probably buy it (mainly for U2)... but it wouldn't be at the top of my list of games I want remastered.

#40 Posted by lundy86_4 (44118 posts) -

Personally? No. Played the series to death... The only reason i'm getting TLoU:R is because I played the game once, and didn't play the DLC... Well worth another play.

#41 Posted by sailor232 (5043 posts) -

I'm burned out on Uncharted, loved them, especially the first and second but after I got my platinum on the third I was starting to pick the game to pieces. I wouldn't buy a remake.

#42 Posted by I_can_haz (6511 posts) -

Yea I'd like that.

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Personally, no I wouldn't. The flaws of the games wouldn't be fixed by having better graphics and I think they look fine on the PS3. Though in saying that, I imagine that before UC4 comes out they'll release them all on one disc in 1080p and at 60fps.

#45 Posted by starwolf474 (958 posts) -

Sure. If they just release an Uncharted Collection and a God of War collection on PS4 then I will have no need for my PS3 and can sell it which will more than cover the cost of buying the collections on PS4.

#46 Posted by Zassimick (7057 posts) -

I'd buy it day one probably. Really love the entire series of games and a nice collection like that would be great.

Not being able to purchase the Master Chief Collection is a big disappointment for me, by the way. I'm a fan of these remakes or remasters when done well and have good value, and that and an Uncharted Trilogy Remaster would be fantastic values. It's a shame I can't buy the Halo collection right away.

#47 Posted by Shielder7 (5185 posts) -

I wouldn't buy it.

#48 Posted by WolfgarTheQuiet (478 posts) -

Why would you. Get a cheap PS3. The only reason The Last Of Us got remastered is for people like me who did not want to buy new PS3 game few weeks before PS4 launch.

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Just Uncharted 2.

#50 Posted by M8ingSeezun (2031 posts) -

Nope. I already got it for the amazing PS3. I want NEW games for the PS4.