Would You Upgrade By Trade To A White Console?

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I have both the PlayStation 4 & XBOX One. I was thinking of trading both each at GameStop for a White PlayStation 4 & a White XBOX One. I totaled up everything for you guys. Tax is different for me being in CA.

The Credit GameStop will give me for each totaling everything is:

PlayStation 4: $310.75

XBOX One: $314.63

White PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle: $485.99 after tax

White XBOX One Sunset Overdrive Bundle: $431.99 after tax

So after credit it will cost me out of pocket:

PlayStation 4: $175.24

XBOX One: $117.36

Would you guys do it if you just had extra money to throw out?

Just wanted to get the People's opinion and if you had the same thought of doing it as well. Thanks!

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No, I'd buy a system I didn't have before if I was intent on blowing money. Go buy a handheld or something.

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