Would you sign a petition for Heavenly Sword 2 PS4??

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I would literally shit my pants if they make it for the PS4. I'll tell the Sheep to take Bayonetta 2 and shove it!

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slim to none. Sony are not known for reviving franchises. Their game studios simply do whatever the hell they want and since Heavenly Sword wasn't created by any of them then I don't think anybody's gonna make a sequel.

The only way would be if Ninja Theory bows down their head and ask Sony if they can do a sequel... To me that would be the only way and it's not gonna happen. NT were gonna make one but they abandoned Sony by choice because of "bad sales". NT are too proud, just look at how they treated the DMC fans, they did not give a fuck about their complaints. That's why all their games have flopped but ironically, the one they hate the most was the most successful. Heavenly Sword.

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I would love one but sadly I doubt it.

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So, if I start a petition and get it noticed all around the internet would you guys sign it?

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Superbot said they would like to make a sequel. I'd sign.

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only if Ninja Theory isn't developing it

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Great game. Nariko was Totaly Hot !

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nah. the first game sucked pretty hard.

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The first game was really, really, really, really average.

Good voice acting and visuals(despite the poor framerate), but nothing good besides that.

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Only if Santa Monica develops it or at least not developed by Ninja Theory.

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no thanks. i kinda enjoyed the game (villains were amazing) but it was too short and linear

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Great game. Nariko was Totaly Hot !

Did someone say Anna Torv?

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Heck yeah, especially considering how much better Ninja Theory has become over the course of the generation. Sony Santa Monica or Ninja Theory would make a great game out of it.

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Heavenly Sword was such a underrated game!

Twing Twang!

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I enjoyed the Heavenly Sword but doubt we'll ever see another one.

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Hurray for Heavenly Sword 2!

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I will if you stop making threads.

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I would love to have a heavenly sword 2. Very underrated game. I would sign.

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The first game was way too short, but there is potential to do something more.

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I'd sign a petition for them not to waste resources on a sequel to that POS.

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I'd sign, enjoyed that game a lot. One of the few games I go back to and replay.

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Not interested. Demons Souls made button mashers obsolette.

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This game made me buy a PS3. Sign me up!

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I bought Heavnly Sword last year mainly due to the large numbers of people saying it was a good game so i finally got around to playing it few months ago and all i gotta say is.. game was pure garbage i was saying wtf is this sh*t for about 3 hours ( which is how long i played it ) then i got stuck in a level where you have to throw a shield, it got me pissed then i never went back to play it again.

so i would rather the company make something like Enslaved to be honest.

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Lol cows and their petitions

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No. Spend resources on a better franchise.

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Lol cows and their petitions

that dude in your profile pic is freaking the fuck out

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Absolutely not. I'd rather Sony invest the funds elsewhere since I couldn't stand Heavenly Sword.

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Well, Ninja Theory just signed a third party exclusivity deal with Sony back then - the one that was so highly ostracized when Microsoft used to sign those last gen, so why should they sign it again when they're full-blown multiplat developer??? Well, I suppose the IP could carry on without their input, however.

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Ah Heavenly Sword. I remember giving that a go after MGS4.

Absolutely not.

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No. I hated Heavenly Sword.

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Nope they butchered Devil May Cry series

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I liked the acting but that's it.