would you rather want Half life 3 or Next Deus Ex?

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Poll: would you rather want Half life 3 or Next Deus Ex? (63 votes)

Half life 3 65%
Deus Ex 33%

As a Huge fan of both. Deus Ex has bigger impact. but Half life is more popular series. while both are milestone. but Deus Ex is more deep and complex. but half life has better gameplay. both franchises are pinnacle of gaming.

well making game like original deus ex is not possible in this gen because of console and company who create deus ex no longer exist.

so what you rather want? deus ex 4 or half life 3?

Deus Ex 4 PC exclusive with no cover system and regen health BS would be my dream game. but i wont be possible so i pick Half life 3. because its Valve. no matter how they try. their product always turn out perfect.

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Deus ex. I don't think I'd care if Half-Life 3 never came out...which might happen

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Half-Life 3, no contest. Valve hasn't made a single crappy game to date and I believe they never will. Even though it feels like it's going to take forever for Valve to release it but when they do, it will definitely be worth it.

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Deus Ex

I'm kinda done with half-life