Would you rather have a AAA Crash Bandicoot game or a AAA (Real) Spyro game?

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Poll: Would you rather have a AAA Crash Bandicoot game or a AAA (Real) Spyro game? (46 votes)

I would rather have a NEW AAA Crash Bandicoot 57%
I would rather have a NEW (Real) AAA Spyro the Dragon 26%
What about my man Gex the Gecko, and Klonoa? 13%
Eh, platformers. Not my style. 4%

These franchises, especially the former, have not had a real entry in a long time. Spyro of course, is understadable after that whole planned trilogy (based off a movie that did not exist) was a complete flop, but Crash, I guess Activision did not think it would sell COD numbers but i am not sure what the actual reason for that is.

Which would you prefer have a comeback AAA title?

Crash still has a very large following, and it would do good to flesh out and help Activision expand a bit IMO. Spyro already has the most tarnished reputation and is now being used as a guinnea pig to milk toy DLC, but it may still have a chance.

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God I loved crash bandicoot 1+2 so much. Its probably the only game that would make me consider buying a PS4 about now.

Just jumping and spinning and good ol'fashioned platform goodness though no bells and whistles.

EDIT : hog wild remains the single most enjoyable game level i've experienced to date.

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Crash Bandicoot any day!!!

Loved the series as a child.

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Battletoads! :P

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Spyro. A proper one.

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tough question, i really enjoyed both when i was a kid, voted spyro but tbh i would be happy if either franchise was resurrected

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I'd love a new Crash Bandicoot! I'm a huge fan of the old platformers, Ratchet, Crash, Jak etc.

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If I'm gonna waste a brain cell on nostalgia issues it's going to be which Psygnosis franchise Sony shoudl revive, I think Colony Wars should be that game.

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Don't know if I'd want to see the return of either. Weren't the last couple of both kind of ho-hum? Naughty Dog and Insomniac have moved on to other things, the brands aren't worth a whole lot without the people responsible for making them well-liked such in the first place.

Whoopee Camp just sort of dissolved into the ether. A bunch of them reportedly went to Access Games, which made Deadly Premonition and are working on D4. I'm less sad now, knowing the spirit is still sort of alive.
So I'd take a spiritual Tombi! sequel from Access Games then please.

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Theres a Crash Bandicoot game in development for the PC by fans that looks pretty cool

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Crash bandicoot. Loved playing it as a kid. I still break out crash 3 every once in a while.

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^^Did they get legally valid permission from Activision? Otherwise that project might be getting shut down and they'll have wasted their time.

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Are you seriously gonna make me choose because its impossible.

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I'm trying to find the system wars in this topic ?

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Enjoyed every crash bandicoot game back on ps1, crash bandicoot trilogy, crash team racing, crash bash, also enjoyed spyro the dragon. We use to play it a lot me and my friends every weekends

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Crash Bandicoot will always have a place in my heart. I'd love to see a next gen game.

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@Caseytappy said:

I'm trying to find the exit to this thread I have no interest in yet felt the need to enter and squeeze out my pointless shit post in because I'm an arrogant douche who thinks he decides who gets to post what and where?


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I think Cows have already stated that Nostalgia is bad for you.

Only New IPs from now on.

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I'd rather have a game that isn't made to get a good score on Metacritic.

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That Crash Bandicoot video was painful to watch, Naughty Dog needs to get their IP back, the fast paced, humour riddled Crash Bandicoot is what we need, not some 3D Mario wana be

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Crash - Klonoa - Spyro - Tomba - Gex

Any of the above

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Spyro was better than Crash, and had more replay value, but to be honest, neither. The damage has already been done to these franchises. Insomniac used to be better than NaughtyDog, but they went full potato this gen with Resistance, Ratchet and Clank rehashes, and Fuse.

Holy fuck Insomniac fell off hard this gen.

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Spyro for me. I love the shit outta crash bandicoot though but a next gen spyro could be one of the most awe inspiring things. The PS1 games were already big playgrounds, I would be excited to see what they could do with a whole 2 generations of upgrade in hardware.

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I rather have a new IP

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Hated all of those games in the op.

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was going to pick crash but you brung up Klonoa so yea that.

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The PS1 for me was the mother of all gaming consoles. So many enjoyable games and i do miss playing Spyro and Crash when i was little. It's a shame that they never got passed on to PS3 and PS4 though :(

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@Mickeyminime said:

The PS1 for me was the mother of all gaming consoles. So many enjoyable games and i do miss playing Spyro and Crash when i was little. It's a shame that they never got passed on to PS3 and PS4 though :(

Huh? Crash has been on all platforms this gen except the Wii U.

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neither as both were shit

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gex > all

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@Armoured_Mage said:

gex > all

I lov- I mean amen.

Also lol at people talking about nostalgia, I am not saying for Crash and Spyro to have the exact same gameplay they had in 2009 and 2004 respectively.

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Spyro was better on ps one for me.

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Neither because the damage has already done enough.

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Crash franchise sadly went downhill when Naughty Dog could no longer make the games.