Would you buy a new Nintendo handheld in 2015?

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Say it had above Vita specs, priced at $200, and launched with a good 3D Mario or what have you, would you buy a new Nintendo handheld in 2015?

Putting specs and price aside though, would you feel slightly shafted on your 3DS purchase as it's only three (four next year) years old then with a library far weaker than its predecessor or even its handheld competition?

Would you perhaps buy a 3DS?

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i would....

#3 Posted by charizard1605 (56297 posts) -

I'd have had my 3DS for four years at that point, so no I would not feel shafted.

Assuming a reasonable price (no more $249) and one good launch title that I want, I would buy it.

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I always buy new hardware so, yeah.

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Nope. I really feel like handhelds are outdated. When I think of people that use handhelds I imagine a kid sitting indian style, hunched over and trying to collect coins. The reason I have that visual is because I only know one person that uses a handheld and it is my newphew who is like 7 years old lol.

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Well, it would need more than a Mario game, that's for damn sure.

Don't know if I would feel shafted. I don't play my 3DS enough to feel shafted.

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I would not.

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I don't know if I'd buy it immediately, but assuming it was as good as pretty as much other Nintendo handheld, then I'd certainly buy it at some point.

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@freedomfreak: I'm playing Revelations right now and loving it, play Raid mode with me sometime

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@Blabadon said:

I'm playing Revelations right now and loving it, play Raid mode with me sometime

Yeah, Revelations is great. I played a shit ton of Raid mode, but I wouldn't mind popping it in again.

I'd have to find it though.

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If they launched with Pokemon yes, if not no.

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Pokemon 1e3202!!!!

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No i will not waste my hard working money.

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No I wouldn't.

I mean hell I feel like almost nothing at all came out on the 3DS.

#15 Posted by Sword-Demon (6970 posts) -

Way too soon.

Wouldn't buy it until the 3ds was no longer supported and the new one had a decent library.

Ideally, I'd want a new handheld in 2017

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@KBFloYd said:

i would....

Of course you would. Buy everything Nintendo related and ignore the rest as nothing else exists lol. On topic i would but only if it had as many great titles gameboy/DS had, don't like 3ds's library at all.

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The 3DS still feels young to me, but I guess it would be four-years-old at that point. I wouldn't get the next handheld at launch though. I need more than Mario to make a purchase, or else I'd have a Wii U already.

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No. I don't want to reward short lifespan hardware.

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No way, I only got a 3DS like a year and a half ago.

No i will not waste my hard working money.

Damn, I wish my money was hard working too.

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No. I just got my 3DS XL last Black Friday. I am in no rush to replace it.

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I bought the original 3DS at launch when it had "no games". Oh, and that was before the $80 price cut, but I did get those ambassador games (which honestly didn't make up for it). As for the surprise announcement at e3, who knows. There's always rumors when it comes to tech.

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Probably, depending on the look. I've skipped the 3DS to this point, so it'd work out great for me.

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As badly as I would want it, I would hold off initially. It just seems that Nintendo lowers the price or puts out a bundle within months of release for their recent consoles/handhelds. I would wait for a deal honestly. I'd definitely get it at some point though.

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It depends entirely on how comfortable it is to hold. The reason I never bought a 3DS despite it having some great exclusives that I would have loved to play is because it was too uncomfortable to hold for me to enjoy playing on it. If Nintendo releases an ergonomically designed handheld with a normal sized d-pad and buttons then I will buy.

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No, the 3DS is still very young at this point. I want at least another two years before they announce another system.

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Yes! in a heart beat. You know what specs I want, I posted them in charz thread.

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@R4gn4r0k said:

No way, I only got a 3DS like a year and a half ago.

@SNIPER4321 said:

No i will not waste my hard working money.

Damn, I wish my money was hard working too.

LOL SNIPER grammar

#29 Posted by inb4uall (5404 posts) -

Above vita specs? That would be awesome and I would probably get it eventually. But....

I never early adopt as a rule though. On top of that I would feel burned on my 3DS purchase. The 3DS still has room to grow and I haven't even touched the vitas library of awesome indie games yet.

#30 Posted by 93BlackHawk93 (5349 posts) -

I wouldn't. I still have a lot of games to play on my 3DS.

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That'd be odd, most of the gamers I know (irl) are just now getting a 3DS.

Guess I just got used to crazy long hardware life-spans after the last console/handheld cycle we went through.

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By then it will have been out as long as the GBA's lifespan so I wouldn't feel shafted. That being said I wouldn't buy it straight at launch

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no, if they abandoned the 3DS this early I wouldn't even bother with another Nintendo device

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I'd want to get it, but chances are I'd hold off on it for a little while especially if the 3DS got continued support.

#35 Posted by kingjazziephiz (2410 posts) -

Yup. Wouldn't get it day one tho

#36 Posted by Gaming-Planet (13998 posts) -

If it had good games. Don't really care about graphics on a mobile device as long as the game is really fun.

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No . Handheld gaming is not for me .

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Nope, not in 2015.

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No, I wouldn't buy it in 2015. I hardly use my Vita and 3DS, I couldn't justify yet another handheld.

I'm just not into handhelds that much.

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I'd wait for the redesign version a year or 2 after it's released and hopefully plenty of good games will be out by then.

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No. Nintendo handhelds are getting boring for me. I honestly just buy them for pokemon pretty much.

#42 Posted by blackember36x (30 posts) -

@starwolf474: That's a really stupid reason not to buy the 3DS imo. There are a ton of awesome games on it and you won't play them because you're uncomfortable holding it?

Anyway, as for me I just bought a 3DS XL a month back so I have a lot of games to catch up on. I'll probably buy the next handheld in 2017 lol.

#43 Posted by coasterguy65 (5889 posts) -

I finally bought a 3DSXL for Christmas last year. So a new handheld would have to be pretty impressive to make me want to upgrade.

#44 Posted by osirisx3 (1756 posts) -

its not going to happen 3ds came out in 2011 that was only like 3 years ago.

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@starwolf474: That's a really stupid reason not to buy the 3DS imo. There are a ton of awesome games on it and you won't play them because you're uncomfortable holding it?

So I should just endure the pain that playing on a 3DS causes my hands to feel? Sorry, but if I'm uncomfortable then I'm not having a good time no matter how great the games are, and the reason I play video games is to have a good time, so how is the 3DS' uncomfortable design a stupid reason not to buy one?

I think it's a damn good reason and I think Nintendo should put more effort into ergonomics for their next handheld.

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I never buy hardware at launch.

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@starwolf474: theres different models to chose from dude. If your hands are too big get an xl. If you want something with a rounder grip get the 2ds.

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No I wouldnt need a new handheld.

#49 Posted by blackember36x (30 posts) -

@starwolf474: I think you should stop being a wuss. Just know that you're missing out on a lot of really good games just because the "3DS causes my hands to feel". I'm pretty sure once you start playing a good game you'll forget about your hands.`

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No, I still need a 3DS.