would cows be tempted to get an xbone if it was 400 and had no kinect?

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Posted by ominous_titan (733 posts) 1 year, 1 month ago

Poll: would cows be tempted to get an xbone if it was 400 and had no kinect? (70 votes)

sure why not options are good 34%
not so much 60%
hey what about us sheep 6%
#51 Posted by Chozofication (2933 posts) -

Add to that good creative games and not having to wait a minute to boot up, yes.

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@Animal-Mother said:

@kuu2 said:

Man for people who supposedly don't like The One there are always threads popping up for the system and the games.

The One will never be sold without Kinect. Have you not been paying attention to how integrated the hardware is with the software?

I guarentee it will be by the next model or so. Also it doesn't need kinect to function silly.

http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/08/12/xbox-one-no-longer-requires-kinect-to-function Also yes I plan to buy one during the first price drop and when games interest me.

Guarantee all you like but the system was built from the ground up with Kinect usage. Only time will tell, but to say something like you said is complete speculation.

Sony will start to pack the PSeye in next year as well and match MSoft after a price drop 'just wait'..............

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I'd buy it in an instant if MS had good first party studios with experience in delivering quality games consistently. Instead, we get halo/forza and mediocre money-hats like 99% of its launch line up.

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Gamers who keep thinking the XB1 is weaker are going to be in for a rude awakening. There's a reason why the power brick is on the outside of the XB1. A reason why there is a huge fan inside.

Asking if cows would buy an XB1 on a website dominated by cows is just silly. Of course they don't want an XB1. Even if their PS4 bricked right now they would still be bent over in front of Sony. The only good things for Cows right now is they have the PS3 to fall back on when there's nothing to play on the PS4. I still need to get a copy of The Puppeteer.

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Why would I spend 400 on another system that is significantly weaker than the competitor at the same price? There's no reason so no

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@JamDev said:

I would be more tempted than I am right now, but not enough to switch from PS4.

Also burned this gen by MS cutting off software support and putting everything possible behind a paywall, don't really want to give them my business again.

Ditto. I don't mind Kinect too much. Sure it doesn't work as well as advertised, but it'd be fun to mess around with. However, my biggest gripe isn't it being more expensive or the camera. I wouldn't want a company that puts so many features behind a paywall and cuts software support so quickly. Bad deal for me as a consumer.

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NO.The price and the kinect aren't the problem, I don't like M$ or any of their products or any of the forced policy they still have in place today. why do i need to pay M$ just so i could use Skype? The e3 fiasco wasn't shocking to me that's just how M$ is, if the backlash wasn't as big as it was lems would still be dealing with all of M$ bs. plus after watching the sessler review, there's nothing about the x1 that makes me want to fork over money for it. Some features seem cool but I doubt i would use them after a week.

Despite the fact that lems are now using the x1 has better games defense, the only game worth looking at is, forza, which was expected to score high, im sure M$ had a hand in that. ryse is a toss up that lems are playing safe on but it looks like a hack and slash that will only be fun for a few hours despite if it scores well.

#58 Posted by StormyJoe (5497 posts) -

@TheTruthIsREAL said:

Why would I spend 400 on another system that is significantly weaker than the competitor at the same price? There's no reason so no

The XB1 is not "significantly weaker".

#59 Posted by Midnightshade29 (5347 posts) -

No, I already have the ps4, and a PC, and a vita and a 3ds, and tons of older systems. I don't like Microsoft consoles or what they tried to pull off at e3 or what they tired to do to PC gamers and the PC studios they shut down. So no support from me.

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@withe1982: every game u listed was on the PC. No reason last gen to get a 360 and no reason now to get a drm box one

#61 Posted by Mr-Kutaragi (1967 posts) -

Why would I do this when for same price I can get ps4 with 40% more power, best controller in gaming, proven first party that don't abandon system after 3-4 year? Do you like to punish yourself paying same price for 720p 12fps?