Worst/Most Annoying Fanboys Ever [Poll]

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Posted by Cloud_imperium (4400 posts) 7 months, 11 days ago

Poll: Worst/Most Annoying Fanboys Ever [Poll] (40 votes)

"Sony Drones" 53%
"Xbots" 18%
"Nintendrones" 0%
"Pc Elitists" 28%

Just wondering , what SW think about fanboys on different platforms . And who takes the crown for being worst fanboys of all time .

There are different names used by different people against each other like "Sony Drones" for Sony fanboys , "Xbots" for Xbox , "Nintendrones" for Nintendo and "Pc Elitists" for PC fanboys . So , I decided to list them as they are in the poll .

Feel free to cast your vote and share your thoughts about doing so .

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System Wars, not fanboy wars, so I'm afraid I'll have to lock this.